Jamba Juice Robinsons Magnolia BOGO Promo

When we bought tickets to watch a movie last night, the cashier handed a Jamba Juice Buy One Get One (BOGO) coupon. Buy any drink from the menu and you get a small size cup (16 fl.oz.) from the Classic Menu for FREE!

this photo was taken last night

DH ordered a medium size (22 fl. oz.) Strawberry Whirl while I received a complimentary small cup of Strawberries Wild.

There's a photo booth on the left side when you enter the store where you can take four snapshot of you drinking or holding your favorite Jamba Juice. We had fun taking photos lol You can send the photo straight to your email just enter your name and email address.

even my daughter loves Jamba Juice drink

Today, I went back together with my parents and daughter. We bought a small cup of Banana Berries which turned out to be anything but boring and of course my ultimate favorite, Strawberries Wild.

Jamba Juice Robinsons Magnolia BOGO promo runs only on weekdays from 10am to 2pm until July 7, 2014 only. Enjoy a complimentary Boosts & Shots with your drink.

Jamba Juice BOGO coupon is given out if you buy any 2 movie tickets at Robinsons Magnolia until July 27, 2014.

Jamba Juice is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Al Fresco, Robinsons Magnolia.

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