Shin Tian 238 Banawe | Restaurant Review

If Banawe Ave. in Quezon City is flood-free, I want to live in that area. Why? There are so many food choices. Just last week, Together with some of my friends, we have discovered a new building with the address 238 Banawe that houses Aristocrat, Tokyo Bubble Tea, King Chef and a fairly-new restaurant named Shin Tian. 

Sweet & Sour Pork PhP 280

I guess by now you know that Sweet & Sour Pork is my favorite dish. I can't help but order it whenever I am in a Chinese restaurant. You can say that I used it as a gauge if the restaurant is good or not. My verdict? Not bad but not the best tasting sweet & sour pork I have tasted.

Beef Tenderloin PhP 450

Beef Tenderloin needs some tenderizing, the meat was chewy. Take your PhP 450 and order something else from the menu.

Chili Squid PhP 280

Oyster Cake PhP 180

I can't remember tasting Chili Squid so I can't say anything about it. Hmmm... I don't eat oysters so...

Bihon Guisado PhP 180

The noodles were very filling, there's a generous portion of meat and vegetables.

Spinach Seafood Soup PhP 200

The soup smells fishy but once you get pass that you will enjoy slurping it.

Tokyo Bubble Tea x Milo Series: JCC Milo Milk Tea (large) PhP 165

Our night did not end there, we went to Tokyo Bubble Tea next door for some milk tea. I ordered a large glass of JCC Milo Milk Tea from its Milo Series. It was delicious but too strong for me, it kept me awake until three in the morning ; p

with my circle of friends

Having no nanny and all around helper, I have to bring DH and my little girl with me all the time. That's also one of the reason why I seldom attend events these days especially at night.

Anyway, it was so nice to catch up with the girls. The good news, another friend is expecting a baby! Our group is really growing!
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