Trying To Conceive Tips

Having a hard time conceiving? The following tips might be helpful.

Trying to conceive may sound easy for those who don’t experience any fertility issues but for those couples who are battling infertility, this could be very stressful. Some people think that when a couple is having difficulty getting pregnant, it’s because of the woman.

That is not always the case, fertility problems are caused by 30% female fertility issues, 30% male fertility issues, 30% both male and female and 10% unexplained infertility. Trying to conceive is not just a one woman job. You and your partner should both do your part to increase your odds at conceiving.

According to, the best thing a woman can do is to determine when her ovulation is. Ovulation is when the body releases the egg which is the best time for the sperm to catch for more chances of getting pregnant. She can use an ovulation predictor kit, a BBT (basal body thermometer) to track her ovulation or she can also check and look for an egg-white cervical mucus to pinpoint her ovulation.

On the other hand, the best thing a man can do is to stay healthy and make sure he’s producing healthy sperms. He can do this by eating fruits and vegetables, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol.

With both you and your partner working hard to improve your fertility comes great chance of getting pregnant. And you've done the deed and you think you might be pregnant, then it's time to think about early pregnancy signs like morning sickness, fatigue and even implantation bleeding - all of these can be seen after about 2 weeks after ovulation.

Having read all these tips, I wish you and your husband baby dust!
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