Etude House Sparkling Toc!s Bubble Pack Review

I love Etude House products starting with Bubble Hair Coloring in Red Wine, Play 101 Pencil #13 and my current fave Play 101 Pencil #19. Anyway, I received their latest product called Sparkling Toc!s Bubble Pack for review. It's a skin clarifying pack that contains sparkling gel and moisturizing gel.

Sparkling Toc!s Bubble Pack Php 278

Before I begin, let me start by saying that I used up all the product in one day because I shared it with my dad ; ) Yes, with my dad who is equally vain when it comes to skin care. He is gifted with flawless skin and he does not look like he is already in his 60s.

 What's inside Etude House Toc!s Bubble Pack:

  • #1- 30 mL
  • #2- 6 mL

Mixing Instructions:

Step 1: With a spatula, mix content #2 (pouch) with #1 (tray)

Step 2: When sparkling bubbles start to form, the content is ready for use

Step 3: Spread the product on your face in upward motion from chin to forehead
Step 4: Wait for 5 minutes before rinsing with water

The product is in gel-like form. It is sticky and gooey at the same time. I might have applied too much product on my face because I had a hard time washing off the product with water. But I like the outcome- fresh and smooth skin.

no filter, just natural light

When it was my dad's turn, I told him to massaged his face after product application. I also advised him to tissue off the product before washing his face with water. It worked!

Here's my dad after trying Etude House Sparkling Toc!s bubble Pack. He said his face felt cleaner and tighter.

Etude House Sparkling Toc!s series is infused with sparkling water and lemon extract. This series includes Sparkling Toc!s All-in-One Gel Php 848 and Sparkling Toc!s Scrub Foam Php 428.

Etude House Age Defense Firming Cream 50 mL Php 1,578

Starting to feel the heat of the sun? Why not start protecting yourself with Etude House Age Defense Line. This line is recommended for princesses age 25 and older. It's the brand's first line of defense against aging!

This line includes Age Defense Essential Emulsion 130 mL (Php1,348), Age Defense Essential Softener 130 mL (Php 1,348), Age Defense Wrinkle Eye Cream Set (Php 1,448), Age Defense Lifting Essence Set (Php 1,598) and Age DefenseFirming Cream 50 mL (Php 1,578).

Happy shopping!

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