Kokoro Ramenya + Cold Layers Fisher Mall | Restaurant Review

I visit Fisher Mall at least once a week because of the following reasons: 1. Great selection of fresh seafood 2.  Great variety of restaurants.

On my visit last week, I spotted Kokoro Ramenya on the Upper Ground Level. I checked the menu for Tamago and Tempura- two items on my daughter's food cravings. Luckily, the restaurant offers both.

Kokoro Ramenya

Tamago Php 130

My daughter ordered Tamago and Tempura. She was so happy when her favorite food were placed on our table.  She enjoyed every piece of Tempura and Tamago.

Ebi Tempura Php 275

Chirashi Sushi Php 275

Dad ordered his usual Chirashi Sushi. In a bowl, there's several slices of Salmon sashimi,  Tuna sashimi, Kani, Unagi and Tamago on top of rice.  The Unagi was a bit tough to chew but the rest of the sashimi were alright.

Gyudon Php 135

This bowl of Gyudon has more veggies than meat but I can't complain because at Php 135, I only get what I paid for, right?

If you want Japanese cuisine that will not put a dent in your wallet, you can give Kokoro Ramenya a visit.

Kokoro Ramenya is located at Upper Ground Floor (L-7), Fisher Mall, Quezon City.

Cold Layers

Horlicks Snow Ice Php 120

I miss Horlicks! I don't know any other restaurants in Manila where I can get my Horlicks fix aside from Cold Layers. The finely shaved ice melts in your mouth. The powdered Horlicks on top is so yummy and delicious! I highly recommend it ; )

Cold Layers is located at 3rd Floor (L-8) Fisher Mall, Quezon City.

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