Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty | Birthday Party

My daughter turned four years old last week and she had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday with her classmates and friends in her preschool. She enjoyed it so much so that she can't stop talking about her Princess Aurora birthday party until today.  

Sleeping Beauty | Princess Aurora


Planning a birthday party for a toddler was pretty easy because I already have several trusted suppliers in mind. It also helped that I was once a party organizer before I became a homemaker ; p


Unlike last year where I only bought ready made invitations, DH printed out personalized Disney Princess invitations this year. I used the extra printed sheets and pasted it on one side of the loot bag (see photo above). 


Months before her birthday, she already knew which Disney Princess she wanted as a theme for her party. When my mother flew to Japan, my daughter communicated with her daily through Viber app.

During one of their conversations, she mentioned that she wanted Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora's gown. Wish granted... she received a splendid pink and gold gown on her birthday!


Payless ShoeSource | SmartFit

Last year she was cute in her Snow White costume, you can read more about her third birthday party and get to know the party suppliers here.


My toddler in her Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora costume. The photo was taken at the beginning of her party where she was still a bit shy to come out in her gown. She relaxed and mingled with her classmates towards the end of her party.


Doll Cake | Estrel's Caramel Cakes (372 2965)

I bought Disney's Princess Aurora doll (Php 599) and requested Estrel's to replace its doll with the one I bought. The company agreed... yey!

The colors of the icing on the cake are light and dark pink. It mirrors the colors of the dress of Princess Aurora doll. You can view the original doll used by Estrel's Caramel Cake here.

  • Doll Cake Php 1500
  • Sampaguita Cupcake Php 65/piece (min. 24 pieces)
  • Total amount: Php 3,840

Since there were a lot of boys in her class, I requested purple colored Sampaguita icings aside from light pink and dark pink colored Sampaguita icings on top of each cupcake. We ordered 36 cupcakes to give away to her teachers and classmates. Everybody happy ; )


Snacks | McDonald's (86 2 36):

  •  23 Happy Meal Nuggets with Corn & Orange Juice Php 124 each for her classmates
  • 15 McDonald's Chicken Fillet Italiana Php 59 each for the teachers
  • 15 Burger McDo Php 35 for school staff 
  • Delivery Charge Php 40
  • Total Amount Php 4,302

Aside from the loot bags, her classmates took home toys that's found inside the Happy Meal box- assorted Sanrio products for girls and Transformers masks for boys ; )


Princess Birthday Crown Headband | Handmade by Lils Bowtique (0917 8327329)

At the beginning of the school year, I met a co-parent who is incidentally, the owner of Lils Bowtique. I didn't know that she hand crafted cute hair accessories until one day, I noticed and complimented the unique hair clip of her daughter. I asked where she bought it and I was surprised that she handmade it herself.

The Princess Birthday Crown Headband is just one of the two hair accessories that she gifted my daughter. You can view the other Princess hair accessory here.


Balloons | Lollipop Safety Balloons (705 1532)

What's a birthday party without balloons? I ordered 30 balloons on stick in 3 colors- pink, fuchsia and purple for Php 15 each. Total amount Php 450.

After her school party, she had another one. Lunch birthday party was held at Shakey's. More about the happening in my next entry... stay tuned!

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