How to Spot a Fake Fendi Bag

My purchase: June 5, 2009

I couldn't sleep the other night so I browsed online on how to spot a fake Fendi handbag. I got mine in Rustan's so definitely it's not a fake. 

Fendi Bauletto Piccolo Zucca

The pictures below are all from my Fendi Bauletto Piccolo Zucca handbag.

authenticity card

The authenticity card has the product description, an article number, made in Italy and the Fendi logo.

straight stitching

There should be no loose or missing stitches and the stitches should be evenly placed. The logo should be engraved and not just printed on top of the hardware.


A hologram is attached to the interior fabric tag. On one side reads in Italian and English "The label guarantees the authenticity of this garment"

serial number on leather

You can find the leather tag and the hologram when you turn the pocket inside out. The serial number is embossed on the leather tag and not printed on the surface. The leather tag is sewn on the interior lining of the bag and has a total of 16 letters and numbers combined. The hologram is directly opposite the leather tag and also has a combination of letters and numbers on it. It is the newest effort of Fendi to authenticate their handbags.

FENDI found on the lining

The lining is marked in several places the word Fendi in tiny stitching.

FENDI engraved
All hardware on Fendi have the designer's name engraved on it. The buckles are perfectly square.

 Fendi zipper pull

 Fendi hook for shoulder strap

 Fendi front view

 Fendi side view

 Fendi Bauletto Piccolo Zucca hand bag

 Receipt  Care Card

ZUCCA means large FF

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