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"Change is coming!" These are the very powerful words that won the Philippine presidency for Rodrigo Duterte. These are also the words of encouragement that come into my mind when I get frustrated standing in line whenever I am in different government agencies. The question is, when can Filipinos see and feel the change?

Take the case of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), would you believe that we are one of the few countries left that manually process vehicle registration? Yes, it is true and it sucks!

We are still living in an old system that allegedly breeds corruption within the agency. Imagine having to deal with alleged "fixers" just to avoid long lines. Otherwise, applicants might be spending the next few days going back and forth to process their car registration. Mind you, the problem does not end there, applicants still have to undergo stenciling and emission testing, among others, annually.

LTO | Online Car Registration

Thankfully, a group of NGOs, Filipino Alliance for Transparency and Empowerment (FATE), United Filipino Consumers and Commuters (UFCC), and Badass Elite/Arouser Elite Club, with the help of Senator JV Ejercito, is now seeking to end the woes of the Filipino people by pushing for an online car registration to improve the system, eradicate corruption and overall, improve the services of the LTO. It will still be a long stretch to fully modernized the whole agency but it will be a start.

Senator Joseph Victor G. Ejercito | Senate Resolution No. 392

Urging the Department of Transportation through the Land Transportation Office to conduct a study for the establishment and implementation of an online registration process for motor vehicles with the end in view of providing effective and efficient public service for a progressive land transport sector. 

 What I LIKE about the proposed Online Car Registration:

  • Promote transparency within the agency
  • Simplified registration process 
  • Swift transaction

Progress is impossible without CHANGE | by George Bernard Shaw

Being a full time homemaker, I dread the time wasted waiting in long lines when I could have done more productive things. I really hope that this proposed Senate Resolution will push through for the modernization of the Land Transportation Office.

What are your thoughts/inputs about the modernization of agency? Share them at the comment section below.

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