Life Hacks to Get Perfect Skin

You know, if you think my comparatively clear skin is solely the gift of nature, you are definitely mistaken. What you see is the result of everyday thorough skin care. Of course, having so much stuff to do and with a little child in tow, all that I can do are very short, but vital procedures in the morning. That’s what I want to share with you, guys, today. All females, especially women who date, must have an impeccable look without make up. Who wants to scare her boyfriend/husband in the morning, right? 

 Life Hacks to Get Perfect Skin

You are What You Eat

Nothing else will actually work, if you do not start eating healthy food. What I personally noticed is the effect of oats and nuts. Having cereal, some fruits or berries and nuts in the morning will make your skin look smoother.

Do Not Rub Your Face with Towels

Why? Even if you wash your towels every two weeks, just imagine how much dust, make-up residue and bacteria it accumulates at night especially in a moist environment. Just buy a box of facial tissue and use a fresh one everyday. No microbes on your face, less chances to wake up with a new pimple.

Ice Cubes

We continue our morning routine with rubbing ice cubes (it can be coffee or chamomile tea). It will lead to vessel constriction – better skin color and general look. Works as a contrast shower and is one of the eternal youth secrets. I found out about it recently, but noticed the results at once.


A basic procedure any woman must stick to. 

Vitamin B

This vitamin has a nice effect on women’s health in general. Your hair, nails and face will thank you for this. Of course, there are other natural treatments that you can find on the net. 

Put on SPF Crèmes

Do not put on too much or too little sunblock. Use it under your foundation. I wish I had started using it much earlier. This is a must-have beauty product for girls ages 18-20 especially during summer. Photo-aging is a problem only a skin laser therapy in a reputable derma skin clinic can fix. Therefore, be careful and avoid too much of sunlight.

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