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The Christmas holiday is fast approaching. While some of you are done with your Christmas shopping, I know there's still a few who haven't started with their list just yet. May I suggest Remy Martin's special collection of gift boxes? It's a great gift idea for a refined man who knows how to celebrate with good drinks like your boss, your dad, and even your husband.

Remy Martin is founded in France in 1724, It is one of the world's biggest producers of fine champagne cognac. The esteemed cognac house distills three centuries of expertise in every bottle, producing a wide array of cognacs that are enjoyed by the worlds's most discerning palates.

Remy Martin | A Cognac for Every Celebration

But you don't have to wait for the holidays to give Remy Martin because there are many things in life that are worth celebrating for. A job promotion is one of the many milestones a man will happily go through in life. Remy Martin VSOP gift box comes with two free Remy Rock glasses, so you and your boss can celebrate when the situation calls for it.

Remy Martin VSOP bottle is full of mature and expressive aromas, plus the roundness of summer fruits and vanilla! This fine spirit carries almost three centuries of Remy Martin's cognac-making heritage- a metaphor to the career milestones that you'll conquer together with an esteemed mentor.

Remy Martin | One Life Live Them

As with any Remy Martin cognacs, this drink is exclusively grown in a special, chalky soil that ripens the fruit to perfection for cognac making. The Remy Martin Club gift box come with a free 30mL miniature Club bottle, for that quick shot with notes of dried apricots and fragrant jasmine. 

Remy Martin | Home of the Finest Cognacs

Share the true taste of excellence in the form of Remy Martin XO. This Fine Champagne cognac is made from a blend of up to 400 different eaux-de-vie, exclusively produced in the Grand Champagne and Petit Champagne regions in France. The special gift set comes with two free XO Swirl Cognac glasses.

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