Tour and Travel Trends That Shaped 2017

Tour and Travel Trends That Shaped 2017
Here is a Full Review

Traveling is one of those things that mark the end of every year across the world with many people and families making local and foreign trips. But before these year-end holidays, we had people traveling across the world for different reasons. In this review retrospective discourse, our scholarship essay help experts will give you a comprehensive review of these trends that shaped the tour and travel industry. Keep reading to learn more as we look forward to more trends in the coming year.

Active and Adventure Trips

The year 2017 was marked by active and adventure trips among many travelers who took to the roads and skies to tour the world. For instance, most tourists in the Western world took out for African safaris where they went to enjoy game adventures with the rich mine of African wildlife and natural beauty. Most of the travelers expressed a higher interest in customized experiences as opposed to the traditional hard adventure of the previous seasons. Additionally, most of these adventures had hiking and cycling as their main points of attraction.

Female Solo Traveling

Another trend that dominated this year’s tour and traveling experiences was that more women opted to travel alone as opposed to the traditional style where they go in groups or in male companies. In fact, the daughters of Eve took the center stage as the key influencers behind travel decisions irrespective of their marital status. Contrary to what they used to be, these travelers were bold, and showed an independent spirit of exploration and getting raw experiences. Moreover, they had a strong say in determining their tour destinations and the means they used to their tour locations. As most of them moved out this year, they brushed off the traditional 5-star offer flashed at them to offer them pleasure and went for the real hard adventures out there in the wild.

Food Tourism

They say that three ways of reaching a person’s heart exist— the head through reasoning with him or the stomach by feeding him. This saying was evidenced in this year’s tourism and tour sector with food tourism taking the center stage as one of the trends that ruled the year. That is why numerous tour firms noted this trend by incorporating outside dining, farm tours, and classic food markets into their tourist menu. With these experiences on the table, tour companies provided tourists with the much-needed food experiences that connected the travelers with the natives and cultural practices of the tourist locations.

Mobile Photo Shots

With mobile technology now becoming a default feature in the life of all modern tourists, the tour and travel industry experienced a surge in the use of mobile devices as primary tools for capturing nostalgic memories. Initially, it was necessary for tourists to arm themselves with powerful video and photo cameras to record what they enjoyed while out there in the wild. But this year, we saw the near-death and simply put, the death sentence being pronounced on traditional cameras as more tourists and travelers optimized their smart device cameras.

With this trend taking more roots this year, more tour operators took advantage of it and are planning to add it to their marketing mix. This way, it will be easier for them to have the excellent social marketing tools they need to remain in the market since they can use these captured moments as a part of their user-generated content strategies. They can also use such content to parade what their users experienced out there when they visited.

For instance, companies took advantage of this trend and allowed their guided tourists to stop and take photos of iconic locations and features. They even permitted their tour guides to help those travelers who had little photographic experiences using their own mobile phones.


Our review of the trends that shaped this industry in the year that is just ending would be incomplete without the millenials taking their rightful place as the biggest generation of humans since the dawn of human creation. This generation is young and energetic besides having enough disposable income at hand to allow it travel and tour the world. This year, they took their lead place in many areas. For instance, the millenials led in decision making by explicitly determining what they wanted and how they wanted it. In short, they were the leading generational group that determined all the other trends that marked the industry in 2017. They led the park in planning their travels conveniently while researching and booking most of their trips on the Net. Lastly, don’t forget they retained their place as the biggest travel market base this year. 

More Bragging Rights

Another trend that ruled the tour and travel world in 2017 was the increase of bragging rights among many travelers. Numerous travel companies recorded the desire to boast about where travelers went and what they did when they were there. Many of them reported receiving high-quality digital photos and video footages of their customers posing with their company staff who took these shots using drones and lightweight cameras. That is why many companies are noticing this trend and coming up with prestige packages where they take travelers to location where they can boast of having been to sites where only the “chosen few” can reach. With this trend, such companies are poised to improve their marketing testimonials since they are now taking their filmmakers alongside tourists to document their experiences.
Leaving a Positive Footprint

Besides the vanity of bragging, we also saw another trend in this year that is informed by the moral side of tourists. Here, travelers did not just take out to other countries to feel good about themselves but to also help the natives of those places to feel the positive impact of their presence. I don’t know whether we should call it “charity tourism” or something like that. We saw many tourists touring destinations aiming to leave a positive mark in the lives of locals or supporting the conservation efforts in those locations.
Customer Experience Took Center Stage

Another trend that shaped this year’s tour and travel industry was the taking of the center stage by customer experience. More tour companies shifted from the traditional approaches such as focusing on customer loyalty to leveraging increased awareness of customer expectation and offerings that give users unparalleled travel experiences.

Technology at the Center

We end our review on a more technological touch were technology took its rightful place in the industry. This year, travel companies went beyond the fact of technology existing to focusing on the value of these technologies as tools for bettering customer experience. Companies started realizing that technology is not an end itself and began looking for the best way of translating these tools into real value from which travelers can benefit.

With the trends now set before your eyes, it is now possible to see what the year looked like and use it as a point of reference and better expectation as we look forward to 2018 as well as better industry and customer experience.

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