Bestseller Keds Triple Kick Leather White Review | How to Clean + Straight Bar Lacing

Keds Triple Kick Leather | 1-inch Platform for Added Height

I got one of the best-selling Keds on hand- it's the Women's Triple Kick Leather. It's a cushiony, height-enhancing leather sneaker that matches any Outfit Of The Day (#ootd). The Triple Kick Leather platform sneaker is an elevated take on the tennis shoes. It combines the lift of a heel with the comfort of a sneaker in one super chic footwear. 

Keds Triple Kick Leather PhP3,795

 Try On Haul with Keds

  • Leather Upper
  • Lace to toe sneaker with 6 silver eyelets
  • Flat cotton tonal lace
  • Soft breathable twill lining
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Flexible, textured rubber outsole

How to Care | Keds Triple Kick Leather

  • Spot wash
  • Air dry

Since I bought it last October 4, 2019, I have not cleaned my Keds Triple Kick Leather until last week. I scrubbed the sole with a small amount of liquid detergent using a soft brush. I poured the same detergent on a soft cloth to wipe away the dirt marks especially those found on the tongue and around the eyelet. I wiped it dry before applying a light coat of leather balsam to protect it. This pair is so easy to maintain. I love it!

Keds Triple Kick Leather White Review

This pair has a narrow toe cap so if you have wide feet like me, try to size up. When buying shoes, I recommend that you buy in-store so you can comfortably fit the correct size of the shoes. It is not a dirt magnet even if the color of the shoes is white. I only cleaned it recently and the dirt is not that much. I just wiped the dirt off and it was gone. 

I just hope that the local distributor will be able to sell replacement laces in the future. I really wanted a new one for my pair. 

How to Straight Bar Lace

Check out the unique lace pattern/technique on my Dr. Martens Clemency Wanama

  • Insert shoelace into the first eyelets with the aiglet down. First eyelets are the holes farthest from you (toe of the shoe is away from you.)
  • Shoelace ends should be even in length on both sides when you pull the laces.
  • Choose the side (left or right) that you are going to work on. Take the aiglet of that side and insert it through the second eyelet on the same side.
  • Pull the same aiglet straight across the shoe to the other side then insert it through the second eyelet. Pull the aiglet. 
  • Now that you have your second bar, let's move on to the next one.
  • Skip the third eyelet then insert the aiglet up to the fourth eyelet and run it across to the other side.
  • Insert it through the fourth eyelet with the aiglet down.
  • Skip another eyelet and move on the sixth eyelet or until you reach the last eyelet nearest you.
  • Take the other end of the aiglet and run it under the third eyelet
  • Bring this lace up through and across the third eyelet on the other side
  • Insert the lace with the aiglet pointing down
  • Repeat the steps on the eyelets that you skipped.

  • Remember... once you have reached the last eyelets, ensure that the laces are even. It may need adjustments.

Keds Womens Triple Kick Leather Release Date is October 28, 2016

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