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Yes, finally! We tasted the latest food trend this 2021- Andok's Litson Baka. So last June 7, I ordered a Litson Baka (PhP352) from Andok's Sto, Domingo branch via Grab Food (add PhP59 for delivery). For a total of PhP411. Not bad because I read about the long lines that you have to endure if you go to the branch and buy it yourself. 

DH was telling me everything about it over the weekend and by Monday, he finally got hold of Andok's branches that offers Litson Baka.  I would have ordered from FoodPanda because I can have cashback via ShopBack but it does not have Andok's on its list of restaurants. Thank goodness for Grab, we got lucky that there's one branch that is near our place to save on delivery plus no long queue. We received our order in less than 30 minutes.

The food delivery came in a box. Andok's Litson Baka was wrapped in aluminum foil. 2 cups of vinegar were provided. An order can feed up to 3 pax. 

When I opened it, Andok's Litson Baka smells beefy good. Thinly sliced beef were piled on top of each other. I heated a portion in microwave oven for 1 minute. Best paired with warm rice. 

From an article I read online, one writer wrote that Andok's Litson Baka tasted like it was seasoned with Knorr and I agree especially when I tasted the toasted fatty part of the beef. The meat was tender though. My daughter even took a bite and she was able to chew the meat. For some reason, I was not able to taste the litson baka with the vinegar. I left the cups in the kitchen counter and forgot about it. The meat in itself was tasty and I guess you don't need the vinegar to alter its beefy taste. 

Here's my take after tasting the latest food trend. I like it because it was tasty but it is not something that I will crave for and line up for. It is okay to have it delivered once in a while if I can't cook after a long day. 

What about you? Have you tasted Andok's Litson Baka? What can you say about it?

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