Crocs Classic Mega Crush Sandals | Review

This is the latest Summer 2023 Craze Crocs it's Mega Crush Sandals in Juice. Shop here:

Release date: January 12, 2023

Like Birkenstocks, Crocs is also considered as one of those shoes that some people would refer to as "ugly". Sad, I know, I was one of them but now, I have collected several pairs from Birkenstocks and just yesterday, my first ever pair from Crocs has arrived! I am now a proud owner of Crocs😝

I got to test it out today. Even with the 2.4-in (6.13cm) heel, I was able to drive in them. I thought I was gonna trip over when I walk on those heels but no, I did not! On the contrary, it was comfortable to walk in. 

The Crocs Mega Crush Sandals is available in several colors. But only one is available online- Juice. Luckily, my daughter's shoes is exactly the same color. The style is almost the same too. So, twinning it is!

It was a no-brainer so I added it to my cart. But the thing is... this pair isn't exactly cheap. I planned everything before buying them. 

I checked it out on a Friday. I use my Citi card and applied the voucher code 

✅CITIFRIYAY23. This voucher code can only be used from 12nn to 2pm. Less 10% with a minimum spend of 3,000, max discount at 400. 

Note: Voucher Code can only be used ONCE throughout the duration of the promo. Valid until August 25.

✅Free Shipping Voucher worth 49.50

✅Lazada Voucher 450

✅Shop Voucher 300

✅Coins 47.45

✅Cashback Rebate 59.11

And wait for it...

✅Cashback Rebate worth 867.17... More Shopping MONEY! 💸

So from 4745, I only paid 3888.44!

In just 2 days, I received my pair already. It is true to size, I got M3/W5. It fits me well.

➡️Sana mabilis lang linisan 😝

Shop for your Crocs Mega Crush Sandals in Juice here:

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