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I started liking fruit drinks recently. I checked online for Passionfruit Concentrate Syrup since it was mostly what we ordered from tea shops. 

Shop this refreshing ice cold drink here

I ordered a 1.2kg tub last August 12 and it was delivered on August 15. I paid 345 with Free Shipping and earned a Cashback worth 69.

To make the drink in a pitcher:

1. Mix boiled water in half a glass of Passionfruit Concentrate Syrup

2. Transfer the mixture in a pitcher

3. Add slices of apples and oranges into the mix

4. Add more water depending on sweetness level

5. Add ice to make cold drink

I served it to my family and they all liked the refreshing drink. It costs way cheaper than buying a tall cup from tea shops 👌

Great news! Collect the the following vouchers:

✅Earn 20% Cashback No Min Spend Capped at 100- Earn 69 with this purchase

✅Free Shipping

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