GlobeOne Lazada 917 Voucher | Redeem Today

 I have good news! ☺️

Did you know that you can get ₱91.7 Voucher for Lazada Mega Brands Sale from Globe for only 1 Point?🤭

1. Open GlobeOne app

2. In the main menu, click Redeem Rewards (Pink Icon)

3. Search P91.7 Voucher for Lazada 9.9 Mega Brands Sale

4. Click Redeem

5. Click View Vouchers (Blue Icon) in the main menu

6. Copy your voucher code and paste it in Lazada app

This Nike Crew Socks has been in my cart since 9.9. Thankful for Globe ₱97.10 voucher, I was finally able to check it out.

Shop Nike Crew Socks

SRP ₱642/2 pairs

Paid ₱341.65

✅GlobeOne Voucher (97.1)

✅Free Shipping

✅Shop Voucher

✅Redeemed Cashback Rebate

✅Cashback Earned 68.33

Please note the following:

🤸‍♀️Globe 917 Voucher is valid for Cashback shops only with minimum purchase of 399

🤸‍♀️Voucher is valid until the end of the month

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