OOTD: Tropical Colors

Happy Monday!

Last week was super busy. I attended the first ever #DoveSummit (Day 1-Real Beauty; Day 2- Real Care) and then a few days later, I attended Breeze #SigeSabado launch. Thankfully, I was able to wear shorts and relax in the cool breeze of Tagaytay yesterday.

photo by my sister

As opposed to wearing tight-fitting clothes and high-heeled shoes, it's always liberating when I am in comfy clothes and shoes. At my age, I don't worry much about what other people think.  I learned a long time ago that you can't be happy in life if your motto is to please everyone. People will always have a thing to say and they can say whatever they want but in the end, you should not take it as a personal attack but as constructive criticism. 

my mom as seen in the background tee hee

I always love this section of Taal Vista. I take my daughter here whenever we are in Tagaytay because she can run around without hurting herself. The secret is in the grass lol

here's my carefee look

I didn't know that eyeglasses-on-top-of-the-head look is so passe already until my sister pointed it out to me hahaha But what do I care, I can't see without my glasses on lol

tip: try to balance on tiptoe so you look taller in the photo

I am just 5' tall and whenever I want to look tall in the photos, I stand like a ballerina hahaha

blouse: Samlin Ladies

I like this blouse because it's sheer, perfect for summer.  I added a gold watch for a pop of color.

a gold shoes to go with my gold watch

I wore flats so I can run around and play with my daughter all afternoon.

Taal Volcano in the background

blouse: Samlin Ladies
shorts: Eddie Bauer
watch: Michael Kors
shoes: Yosi Samra

We had dinner at Carlos Pizza before heading home. It was a fun and relaxing experience. I wish we could do this everyday.

How did you spend your weekend?

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