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I already showed you a sneak peek of my new Tod's D-Styling Bauletto Mini. Now, it is time to show you the details so you will know how to spot a fake Tod's D Bag from an original. 


 unboxing of Tod's D-Styling Bauletto

It's been almost a week now since I bought this bag. So far, I don't have any major complaints. I like the color and the overall look. I particularly love the quality of the leather, it is so soft to touch. The bag smells really nice too.


embossed Tod's logo found on both sides of the paper bag

Tod's logo found on the ribbon (right side up)

If it's the wrong side up, the orange (TOD'S) will be brown and brown (background) will be orange. 

Tod's gift box

I have requested a box for the bag. Normally, the bag is just placed inside a paper bag without a box. The box given has a tear on one corner though ; (

printed at the bottom of the box-MADE IN ITALY (all caps)

We brought two luggage with us and this box fits perfectly in the smaller one. I placed several shirts and pants inside the box so it will not be crushed.

Tod's logo on the dust bag

orange drawstring

Tod's dust bag is 100% COTONE MADE IN ITALY

bag in a plastic bag

peek-a-boo... here she is!

This bag has 2 rolled handles with a tag on one of the handles.

Tod's shiny hardware engraved with its logo

I used the inside of the dust bag to clean the hardware before taking this photo. 

2 screws at the back; found inside the bag

However, at the back of the engraved turn lock, there is no visible screw found inside the bag. 

Precious Tod's engraved MADE IN ITALY turn lock

D-ring to hook adjustable body bag strap

There are 2 D-rings, one on each side to connect the shoulder/body bag strap.

pouch for shoulder strap

Only the front of the pouch has the logo of Tod's- it is printed and not embossed.

belt like body bag strap

Tod's engraved on the buckle

Unlike the strap of Eva clutch, Tod's strap is adjustable so I can personalize it to fit my small frame. 

Tod's bag strap lock with screw and engraving

Tod's leather zipper pull with round hardware

The same hardware and embossing is found when you flip the other side of the zipper pull.

screw on one side of the zipper pull

Tod's orange bag tag

close-up Tod's bag tag

The tag includes the model and size of the bag. I don't know what PZ means so don't ask me ; p

Tod's D-Styling mini opens up like this

Most of the time, I forget to close my bag's zipper. The bag does not open up wide so I guess that's okay. At times, when my bag is full of knickknacks, I find it hard to reach inside. You have to open the turn lock to fully access the bag.  But once inside, the bag is roomy. It can fit a camera, cellular phone, Fino wallet, 2 card cases, 2 sets of keys and a travel size lotion. 

one of the four bottom feet

screws on bottom feet are visible inside the bag

pocket found inside of the bag

The zipper pull hardware has TOD's engraved on both sides. 

MADE IN ITALY, TOD'S logo and GENUINE LEATHER embossed in silver lettering

Lampo zipper is used for the inside pocket of the bag.

same kind of lining was used for the inside pocket and the inside of the bag

I found this leather tag sewn in the inside pocket

I don't know what the numbers mean. If it is a date code like in LV, kindly interpret it for me. I think the tag's leather is the same as the bag's.

Lampo zipper

care card-Italian on left; English on right

That's about it. I hope the photos I took of my bag is as detailed as you can get!

I always say this time and again, buy directly from the boutique and not from resellers. Not only for your peace of mind but because it's your hard earned money that's going to waste if you bought a fake. Lastly, Tod's bag is made skillfully by hand that's why it's quite expensive.

Happy shopping!

I hope you learned a thing or two. Please visit and share:

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Longchamp bags are from France but some bags are already made in China like this one.To see and compare an original from a fake, visit my other post.

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