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A lot of home-based moms are guilty of multi-tasking and would leave their child with a gadget so they can continue on with their numerous tasks. I am guilty as charged ✋. But not anymore... with the introduction of PAI toys, I am assured that my daughter's time on the computer is well spent.

  • Cube-Tastic Php 1,200
  • Ocean Pets Php 2,800
  • Augie the Augmented Reality Robot Php 18,888- the first premiere coding robot with Augmented Reality. Learn to code by controlling the robot's movement, customizing the screen, and playing AR games!

Aside from offering easy ways to solve numerical problems, PAI toys' Augmented Reality teach the child how to differentiate animals from each other while simultaneously playing with variety of objects that are related to the activity being played. I think moms will agree with me when I say that we should buy toys that not only entertain our children but also offer the best learning experience for them.

Birthday | Promos + Discounts + Freebies

Happy Birthday to Me!

Aside from several telltale signs of aging like strands of white hairs that grow at the center of my head (exactly where I part my hair, yes, that obvious!) and the need to remove my eyeglasses whenever I am in front of the computer or reading the newspaper, nothing else has changed. I still get excited like a kid whenever the month of May is just around the corner. People who are closest to me know that I celebrate my birthday not just once or twice. Actually, I celebrate the occasion with several group of friends throughout the entire month, no kidding!

This is me

 a fortysomething wife to a workaholic husband; and a mom to a very chatty and inquisitive five year old

In the midst of celebrating my birthday, I compiled a list of restaurants and hotels that offers promotions, discounts and perks that you can avail on your birth month. In the process, I even found a cosmetic counter that offers free eyebrow waxing with no purchase necessary!

Real California Milk Recipes | Classic Banana Milkshake + Banana Ice Pops

It's summer time!

My daughter always looks forward to the healthy and delicious snacks I prepare for her when she gets back home from school. To beat the season's hot and humid weather, I often make a variety of fruit shakes for my little darling.

Skincare Regimen After Laser Skin Resurfacing

Has acne, aging, or too much time in the sun left your skin looking less-than stellar? Laser skin resurfacing may be the answer for fixing your imperfections and reversing the hands of time. However, your skin won't reap the benefits for long if not properly cared for after, making post-treatment care of the utmost importance for guaranteeing successful results for years to come.

Laser Skin Resurfacing | What is It and Who is It For?

Bad skincare habits can leave your face plagued with blotches and discoloring, wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and wrinkles. However, such ailments are no longer permanent with the help of laser skin resurfacing. Using a laser, your plastic surgeon will create microscopic wounds in the layers of the skin that are experiencing imperfections. This can be limited to small areas, such as the forehead, mouth, or skin near the eyes, or the treatment can be applied to the entire face. New, healthy cells form during the healing process, promoting tighter, more youthful skin.

Patients seeking minimal corrections to localized areas will typically be given a local anesthetic before undergoing the procedure, which can last from half hour to 45 minutes. Those who opt for a full-face treatment may require general anesthesia for the two-hour process. Both treatments are considered outpatient procedures, meaning you will not be required to remain in the clinic overnight. Once the procedure is complete, your doctor will bandage the treated area and you can go home. It will be your responsibility to remove the bandages 24 hours later and apply a soothing ointment to the freshly-wounded skin in order to prevent painful scabbing (and, therein, scarring).

Types of Facial Scars | How to Treat Them

The skin is the largest organ in the body and one of the most seamless. Any injury, trauma, or burn can leave an ugly disfigurement behind. A small scar might not be a big deal especially if no one can see it. However, if it is on the face, everyone can see, and that is why most people try to conceal it. People are constantly looking for ways to improve if not to completely conceal such scars. Although a scar is unlikely to disappear totally, there are numerous methods that can help a person reduce its appearance and size.

As the skin undergoes the recovery process from an injury that could be caused by an accident, acne, surgery, or burn, there is always the risk of scarring if multiple layers are involved. Once this happens, the victim will be left with the blemish for life, although it can be made less visible or surgically relocated. Some common scars include: