Google Adsense To Stop Western Union Payments | BDO as Primary Mode of Payment + Tips On Error

Google Adsense | Western Union

So last August 21, I received an email from Google Payments regarding Google: Western Union disbursements to be discontinued. It stated that Google (Google Adsense, Google AdMob, Google Ad Manager) will stop disbursing payments via Western Union. 

I was instructed to sign in to my own account then simply add/select a different method or form of payment to continue receiving payments from Google. 

Primary Method of Payment for Adsense | BDO Unibank, Inc.


I am residing in the Philippines and I chose to receive payments by Wire Transfer. It is a method of electronic funds transfer. It allows me to receive funds directly into my local BDO account. 

Other payment options for Adsense are as follows:

  • Checks
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • Rapida

  • The threshold is still $100 and the revenue will be paid out once a month through a wire transfer to my Dollar Account. I just need to provide my bank account information in my Adsense account.

    Step-by-step set up Google Payment to BDO Unibank, Inc. | Wire Transfer

    • Sign in to your Adsense account
    • Click Payments
    • Click Manage Payment Methods
    • Click Add Payment Method
    • In the Add a payment method section, enter your bank information
    • Tick the Set as primary payment method checkbox
    • Click Save
    Tip #1: Account Name: Enter your full name as shown on your bank statements
    The instruction from Google didn't mention/say anything about Joint (AND/OR) account. My account is a joint account. I also included the complete name of that person including Middle Name/Initial)

    Tip #2: Bank Name: BDO Unibank, Inc.
    Call your local bank and ask for its complete name on record

    Each bank has a different SWIFT-BIC code, please refer to your bank. BDO Unibank, Inc. SWIFT-BIC code is BNORPHMM

    Tip #4: Account Number 
    Make sure that your account number is correct, include hyphens if necessary. You have to input it twice on record. I opened a Dollar Savings account. 

    Strokes Beauty Lab by Momoi Supe | The Brow Artist Collection + Brow Tutorial

     Be #BrowtifulAnyDay | #KilayIsLife

    Strokes Beauty Lab by Momoi Supe recently launched their new Brow Artist Collection- Microblade Pen Perfector, Brow Painter, Brow Sculptor Duo, Brow Colorist and Brow Fixer. I was one of the lucky few who got first dibs of the premium brow kit set. I tried it as soon as I opened the package. 

    I am holding Strokes Beauty Lab Brow Painter (PhP 498)- a sheer brow shading pen in Ash Brown. The shade is just right for me. It was so easy to use. Basically, you just fill in your brows with light and swift strokes (mimicking the hair strands) to achieve natural-looking brows. 

    Gone are the days when eyebrows have to look bold and sharp at the edge. 2020 Brow Trend tends to look more natural. To borrow the term... perfectly imperfect brows. 

    Another favorite beauty product from the brand is Strokes Brow Sculptor Duo (PhP 378). This waterproof microfine (1.4mm) brow pencil combines the benefits of powder, pencil and wax. On one end, the pencil glides so easily to effortlessly fill and shape your brows. On the other end is a spoolie brush that works well in blending the brows to look more natural.

    ThatsMackayla Set Up Her Own Serenitea Milk Tea Shop At Home | Pretend Play

    While thinking of what to game to play next, my daughter asked me if she can open her own milk tea shop. I said, yes! She chose Serenitea because she misses it so much. It is not available for delivery in our area so we are not able to order our favorite drinks in a long while. 

    We researched online what Serenitea's barista was wearing so we can replicate it...

    Pay Bills with ShopeePay and Get 200 Coins Legit?! I Yes! I Earned As Much As 550 Coins

    I am now used to shopping online for our everyday needs because we rarely go out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But I only recently started paying bills online when Citibank cancelled most of my utility bills on Auto Debit. I received a notice about the cancellation a few months ago. Now, I have to directly pay my Billers online because I don't like going to the bank to pay for my bills. Neither do I like going to Bayad Centers/malls. Scaredy cat!

    Pay Bills with ShopeePay | Get Coins CashBack

    Thank goodness, I discovered ShopeePay. I found out about it a few months back while I was shopping online. Shopee heavily promotes/encourages its users to Top Up money and pay for purchases via ShopeePay. It even has a Lucky Draw promo wherein you stand a chance of winning PhP 10,000 when you Top Up with a minimum amount of PhP 200. I have Top Up as much as PhP 10,000 because I need that much money to pay for my accumulated bills online. I want to earn Coins/rebates while spending money at the same time. #waisnamisis ;p

    ThatsMackayla's 8th Birthday Party Suppliers During Coronavirus Pandemic

    It's been almost a month since my daughter celebrated her 8th birthday. I edited a birthday video and already posted it on her ThatsMackayla Youtube channel... yey!

    I know I have already posted several articles about her birthday party preparations but I have not posted about where I bought/ordered our birthday party supplies. While some of you might think that planning a party during pandemic will be hard, on the contrary, most businesses have shifted online. Ordering is now easier as you will not have to step out of your house and brave the traffic just to meet with your suppliers. So far, all of my party suppliers have met my expectations.

    I have been a fan of Shopee lately. It has been my go to online shopping partner throughout this pandemic, parang SM (We've Got It All For You!) lang ang peg lol If you can think of any item, just tap the Shopee search button, most likely, Shopee sells them.

    Just an important note, do not forget to read the reviews first. It will save you from stress-inducing  scammers online. Some problems I encountered are incomplete items and wrong items were sent. In my experience, Shopee offers refunds or some shops will compensate you with vouchers or send replacement on your next order.