Grape Picking Experience at La Union | Things To Do at Elyu

When traveling to La Union, you might want to add grape picking to your itinerary especially if you are bringing your kids. 

When I first mentioned grape picking to my daughter, she was a bit reluctant. All she wanted to do during this trip is to swim. But I do not allow her to swim from 12 NN to 4 PM. I have to squeeze an activity and thankfully, I saw a lot of grape picking signs along the road going to our resort yesterday. 

While we were having lunch at Amare La Cucina, I searched "grape picking la union" via Google. And Lomboy Grapes Farm came up. DH called to check first if it's still grape picking season. 

After getting all his questions answered, we drove for 30 minutes to our next destination. When we reached Lomboy Grapes Farm, we were told that all grapes from its farm were already harvested. The staff told us about an affiliate farm. A designated guide will accompany us to that grapes farm. PHP 25 fee for each adult should be paid up front. Kids are free. 

Upon agreement, he called a motorcycle rider/guide to lead us to the location of the other grapes farm. Pick your own grapes at PHP 250 per kilo. We made a mental note to tip the driver when the tour is over. 

I Paid My Bills Via GrabPay for 20% Cashback Promo

One Day Only!

Grab gave away 20% cashback for bill payments a few days ago as part of its Grab Many versary The Anything Everything Sale promo. 

I check the app and found several billers.  Since we are traveling to La Union, I  paid for Easytrip RFID load. 

Grab Billers

  • Autosweep
  • Cablelink
  • Cignal TV
  • Destiny Cable
  • DFA 
  • Globe
  • Manila Water 
  • Maynilad
  • Meralco
  • MMDA
  • NBI
  • PLDT
  • Smart
  • Smart Bro
  • Sun Cellular
  • VECO

I only have a few pesos on my GrabPay Wallet so I loaded PHP1000 via credit card. The transfer was seamless and the money was instantly transferred to my account.

Saliva RT-PCR Test Experience + Things To Bring + Guidelines + Result | Philippine Red Cross

Traveling to La Union? For an updated guidelines to follow, please visit here.

Finally, a cheaper and less invasive alternative to real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) swab test is here in the Philippines... yey! The Philippine Red Cross now offers saliva Covid-19 test to the public for only PHP2,000. 

Book a Covid-19 Saliva Test Online via Philippine Red Cross

I booked online via Philippine Red Cross website 6 days prior to our preferred date. Selection of time depends on the availability. All three of us have different time slots but we were all accommodated at the same time when we arrived for the first scheduled appointment. 

Philippine Red Cross hotline 1158

  1. Select/choose from 87 available PRC locations where Saliva test is being offered
  2. Click the quantity 
  3. Review your cart
  4. Add each patient's information (including children) and and check out the available schedule*
  5. New patient needs to register
  6. If returning patient, you may type your registered email and the retrieval code sent to your email address when you first registered
  7. Proceed to check out
  8. Payments accepted are credit card, GCash and GrabPay
  9. All payments are final and are non-refundable except for the following reasons- confirmed double bookings, unserved airport bookings, emergency cases and humanitarian reasons. 
  10. For refund requests, email or
  11. Rebooking may be accommodated for valid reasons, according to the discretion and availability of the Philippine Red Cross

*If unpaid, the scheduled appointment will expire in 60 minutes

Philippine Red Cross (PRC) | RT-PCR Saliva Test Experience

We chose Araneta City Bus Port in front of Ali Mall because we can drive thru the facility. We left the house around 9:30AM so that we can be at the venue at least 15 minutes before our scheduled appointment. I think we were the only car in the parking lot when we arrived. 

The security guard on duty told us to park and wait for PRC personnel to assist us. He gave us registration forms to fill. 2 forms for each of us. One form was surrendered to the PRC personnel and the other one was returned to the guard upon exit.

Requirements You Need to Know for Traveling to La Union | Travel Cost + Experience

School is over and we want to get out of town. La Union is our chosen destination for our family vacation. I don't think I have been to La Union in the past so this trip is a first for me and my family. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial government of La Union is strictly implementing guidelines for visiting tourist to follow. 

Plan Your Trip to Elyu | DOT-accredited Travel Agencies

After inquiring directly with our chosen beach resort, hubby was given a list of DOT-accredited travel agencies or tour operators to assist us in our booking and planning our trip. We learned that hotels and resorts in La Union are not accepting direct booking as of the moment... sad. On the bright side, booking with the agency saved us at least PHP1,000 as compared to directly booking with the resort (inclusive of the agency's PhP500 assistance fee). 

We booked with F.A.S.T. Travel and Tours. We paid 50% reservation fee via bank transfer. A proof of payment was sent via email. We paid the remaining balance a week before our scheduled trip. 

Toys"R"Us Go Robinsons Shopping Experience | Birthday Sale + Free Delivery + Free Gift

My daughter is into horses these days. Ever since she watched the Netflix series Spirit Riding Free, she has been checking out toy horses for her Barbie dolls. While checking online, she found Barbie Hugs 'N' Horses. It's perfect because it includes 2 dolls and each doll has their own horse. 

My problem was the toy's availability. I went to several physical stores like Toy Kingdom and Toys"R"Us to check it out but it's out of stock. I even went as far as contacting a warehouse that exclusively distributes Barbie dolls to no avail. 

In one of my trips to the mall, I was able to buy Spirit Riding Free toys on like Horse and Stable Set and Mare and Foal instead of Barbie  Hugs 'N' Horses. Because it's on sale!

A few days ago, I tried online shopping via Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us Go Robinsons and searched for horses. I didn't get the result I wanted in Toy Kingdom but I got lucky upon checking Toys"R"Us.

I was the one who got excited because the item that I was looking for was on sale. From PhP2,999.75 to PhP2,000. In the GoRobinson app, the set is called Barbie Deluxe Doll and Horse Playset.