Ayumi Ange Curl Lash + Resha Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial Experience

It's December and right now, I am swamped with invites to attend various parties and reunions with families and friends. Eeep... I need a makeover 😁

Ayumi Greenhills

Last Friday, I visited Ayumi (Greenhills) Japan Eyelash & Nail Art Salon located at the Mezzanine Level Unimart to avail of Ange Curl Lash and Resha's Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial.

I started my morning with a 60-minute relaxing facial treatment called Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial Php 1,800). Okay, calm down, the treatment doesn't involve pricking. If it does, I will not be even writing about it. I am blessed with a pimple-free skin but not a flawless one because I have freckles. But freckles are the least of my concern, I embrace them wholeheartedly.

Traveling to Indonesia | You Might Need a Polio Vaccine

What is Polio?

Polomyelitis (polio) is a highly infectious
 disease that is caused when a person is infected by the polio virus that invades the nervous system. Poliomyelitis can cause paralysis and even death. Polio vaccines are vaccines used to prevent poliomyelitis. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends all children be fully vaccinated with polio.

How Polio is Spread?
  • Lack of good hand washing practices
  • Contact with tiny amounts of feces (poop) of an infected person
  • Drinking water or eating food contaminated with infected feces
Signs & Symptoms of Polio
  • most people with polio do not feel sick
  • some people have only minor symptoms such as fever, tiredness, nausea, headache, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, stiffness in the neck and back, and pain in the arms and legs
  • in rare case, polio infection causes permanent loss of muscle function (paralysis)
  • polio can be fatal if the muscles used for breathing are paralyzed or if there is an infection of the brain
Alert - Level 2 | Practiced Enhanced Precautions

We are traveling to Indonesia for leisure in December. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is a polio outbreak reported in Papua Province, Indonesia. CDC recommends that all people visiting Indonesia be fully vaccinated against polio. The current outbreak is caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV), a sign of low oral polio vaccine coverage in the country.

What is Vaccine-Derived Polio?

Polio caused by a vaccine strain is called vaccine-derived polio. The oral polio vaccine (made from a weakened strain of the poliovirus) is given as drops in the mouth to protect against polio. This vaccine has been extremely effective in wiping out polio in developing countries, when most of the population get vaccinated.

How Vaccine-Derived Polio is Spread?

In areas where there are low rates of vaccination against polio and sanitation is poor, the weakened vaccine virus can spread from person to person. Over time, as the virus spreads, it can regain its ability to cause disease in people who are not vaccinated. 

Before traveling to Indonesia, adults who completed their routine polio vaccine series as children should receive a single, lifetime adult booster dose of polio vaccine. Although we are not staying there for more than 4 weeks, we opted to get vaccinated to be on the safe side.

Download Rustan's Frequent Shoppers Program (FSP) APP | Be Rewarded with 10,000 FSP Points

I just downloaded Rustan's Frequent Shopper Plus (FSP) app on my device via Google Play Store. FSP is Rustan's loyalty program that gives you reward every time your shop at the department store and its partner companies (view list below).

  • Rustan's Supermarket 
  • Debenhams at Rustan's MAkati
  • Stores Specialists Inc. at Rustan's Department Store
  • The Rustan's Flower Shop
  • Sta. Elena Golf and Country Vlub
  • Adventure International Tours, Inc.
  • Txanton

Upon registration, a 4-digit alphanumeric activation code will be sent via your registered email. You can use that to sign in your account. Remember to keep it safe!

Download Rustan's FSP APP | Be Rewarded with 10,000 FSP Points

A 10,000 FSP points will be added to your account once you sign up... that's equivalent to PhP 50 e-purse. You can redeem it on your next purchase by just using your PIN. It's a welcome treat for shopaholics like you and me. 

Healthy Hair Workshop with Tints of Nature | by Healthy Options

When I received an e-vite to attend Healthy Options' Healthy Hair Workshop, I simply can't pass up the opportunity to learn something new about hair color and hair care from Cloe Hazell-Tints of Nature Hair Expert. The event is exclusively for Healthy Options members. It was held at Healthy Options Robinsons Magnolia last November 9, 2019.

Healthy Options | Healthy Hair Workshop

Cloe Hazell (left) is Tints of Nature Hair Expert
First off, the new location of Healthy Options in Robinsons Magnolia is way bigger than the old one. It's spacious and well-lit. You can easily navigate your shopping cart in between aisles to find whatever products that you are looking for.

Before the workshop started, I was able to go around the store and I was so delighted because I spotted a makeup counter. I will go back to check it out!

Tints of Nature 

Tints of Nature is a widely recognized and international brand with over a 20 year heritage. It is the first home hair color to use 75% certified organic and 95% naturally derived ingredients.

Why use Tints of Nature
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Award Winning
  • Gentle

Shinjuku Home Of Authentic Ramen San Juan | Restaurant Review

DH spotted the newly opened Shinjuku Home Of Authentic Ramen while driving along Ortigas Ave. Instead of having our lunch in a random restaurant inside the mall, we ended up eating there. DH is usually dedma and he hardly gets excited but when he saw his favorite ramen place, I can see that he really wanted to eat there or maybe he was just really hungry and was afraid of the heavy traffic going to the mall. 

Back in the day, we used to drive all the way to Makati just to have a taste of its Butakakuni. Now, we have it here, right in our turf. 

We thought that the restaurant was closed because there were plenty of parking spots available. We soon found out that most people were still on vacation due to long weekend
. Anyway, we were seated on the right side by the wall. The waitress took our orders- 1 large Butakakuni, 1 large Tendon and 1 large Gyoza. DH was looking forward to his large bowl of Butakakuni, he was so hungry. 

It took several follow up and 30 minutes later, our orders arrived. DH was already dizzy from hunger... no kidding! Good thing I was able to capture a few shots of our food. He gets hangry when I do that ; p

Shoyu based soup, vegetable and tasty tender pork in special thick sauce
  • Regular Php 430/4 pieces
  • Large Php 540/ 6 pieces

I asked two waiters if the bowl of Butakakuni served to us was large, I got affirmative answers. If my memory serves me right, large order was used to be in a large bowl. The only difference now was in the meat- six slices of pork for large and four for regular order. You can also ask for extra soup if you are sharing. I find the soup of Butakakuni a tad too sweet but that's just me. DH never complained, maybe he was just too hungry. I don't know because I didn't dare ask.