7-Day Hula Hoop Challenge | For Slimmer Waist

Hula Hoop for First-timer

Whew! I can't believe that I finished a 7-day hula hoop challenge for slimmer waist. Well, I don't know how to hula hoop to begin with so I was not sure if I can even start with the challenge. The only hula hoop we have here is my daughter's. I bought it a long time ago and she was playing with it one time and I thought I'd give it a try. Sadly, I failed to make it turn a few times around my body. And I look awful trying to keep it from falling. You don't want to see it. 

Weighted Hula Hoops | 7-Day Challenge

Next thing I knew, I was watching Youtube Hula Hoop tutorial videos. That's where I learned that children's hula hoops are not the ones used for exercising. The lighter the hula, the faster it spins. It is definitely not for a beginner like me. HA! Weighted hula hoop is!

Burn 7 calories per minute while hula hooping; 350 calories in an hour

But I don't want to buy and invest in a weighted hula hoop because it is expensive and I might not be able to do it properly. Remember my jumping rope story?! I immediately bought a jump rope online from Jump Manila but I was not able to push through working out with it. Sure I was able to learn the basics but jump rope isn't my thing so there's no way I am going to buy another expensive "toy" to collect dust. Plus, jumping rope is not good for my ageing knees.

Andoks Litson Baka #BakaNaman | Trending 2021 Hype

Yes, finally! We tasted the latest food trend this 2021- Andok's Litson Baka. So last June 7, I ordered a Litson Baka (PhP352) from Andok's Sto, Domingo branch via Grab Food (add PhP59 for delivery). For a total of PhP411. Not bad because I read about the long lines that you have to endure if you go to the branch and buy it yourself. 

DH was telling me everything about it over the weekend and by Monday, he finally got hold of Andok's branches that offers Litson Baka.  I would have ordered from FoodPanda because I can have cashback via ShopBack but it does not have Andok's on its list of restaurants. Thank goodness for Grab, we got lucky that there's one branch that is near our place to save on delivery plus no long queue. We received our order in less than 30 minutes.

Korean Fried Chicken Recipe | Sweet Spicy and Crunchy Dakgangjeong

Home-cooking is an essential part of my life now. I have a lot of failed attempts in so many dishes but there are dishes that made it on the list of our weekly menu. I think it's about time that I share one of my all-time favorite recipe- Korean Fried Chicken or Dakgangjeong. My SO and number one critic already gave his thumbs up for this one so I am confident that I will not fail you. I am no chef and if I can cook this dish then so can you. This dish is sweet, crunchy and there's just the right amount of kick in it so I hope you and your family can enjoy it as much as we do!

What is Dakgangjeong?

It is a crunchy Korean fried chicken glazed in sweet and spicy sauce. 

Korean Fried Chicken (Dakgangjeong) | 3 Main Ingredients 

  • 6pcs. Chicken (leg and thigh part)
  • Batter 
  • Gojujang

I bought a premix chicken batter from No Brand. It is called Chicken Fry Batter Mix 500g Php 145 but because it tasted bland, I mix the premix chicken batter with Del Monte Quick n Easy Breading Mix 75g (PhP 15). You may alternately buy Ajinomoto Crispy Fry Breading Mix in Original variant 62g (PhP 15). The ratio is 2 parts Chicken Fry Batter Mix and 1 part Del Monte or Ajinomoto. 

LiberTea Recipe Hack | Army Navy is Shaking

I am taking a break from posting home-cooked meal recipes today to post Army Navy's LiberTea drink hack. Without further ado, here's the homemade iced tea recipe to quench your thirst this season. 

Singaporean Cereal Butter Prawns Recipe | Ingredients + Cereal Brand + How To Cook

One of my favorite dishes is Cereal Prawns. I always order it whenever we dine in at Shiok Shiok. But because of the pandemic, I seldom go out. Even though I miss dining out, I don't want to risk it for fear of contacting the dreaded Covid-19 virus. 

So, the next best thing to do is to cook my favorite dish.