Pay Meralco (Postpaid) Bill via ShopeePay and Get 10% Coins Rewards (Cashback) | Review


Have you heard of the new Shopee Loyalty Membership Rewards program? Are you qualified and eligible for the Classic, Silver, Gold or Platinum? Check it out here in this entry.

Meralco Postpaid via ShopeePay Digital Purchase 

I have been using ShopeePay to pay for my utility bills like PLDT, Globe, Maynilad, Manila Water and now Meralco (postpaid). I have been paying our Meralco bill via ShopeePay for the last two months. It used to be available only for Kuryente Load (prepaid). I get a maximum of 100 Shopee Coins Cashback or 10% with a minimum spend of PhP 800. 

Update: Paid Maynilad on a Sunday and I received (maximum) 120 Shopee Coins (15% coins cashback) rewards/rebate.  

In December, I was only able to get 40 Coins. This month, I was able to get 100 Coins... yey! I will try to pay during Mondays and Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays (15%) for more coin rebates. 

How to Pay Bills Online with Shopee

  1. In Shopee Homepage, click Load, Bills & eServices
  2. Under Featured Promos, click Pay Your Meralco Bills
  3. Select Biller
  4. Don't forget to Claim your available vouchers
  5. Proceed to Checkout
  6. Check all input details
  7. Payment Option (select payment channel)
  8. Input voucher code manually
  9. You may redeem coins if applicable
  10. Click Pay Now
  11. Click Order Received 
  12. Coin Rebate will be automatically added to your account

Traditional Filipino Christmas Buco Salad Video + DIY Charcuterie Board

My family loves to take pictures. You can just imagine how much photos we took last holiday season. We have color coordinated themes for Christmas and New Year so that we can look great altogether. 

Christmas 2020 

For Christmas 2020, we had a color combination of red, yellow and green parang stoplight lang lol Since I lost a lot of weight, I went online shopping and bought lots of dresses in every color that you can imagine hahaha This is one occasion that I can wear one of the dresses. Kaya go ra na!

I invited my parents and sister over for the pictorial. Para may pa effect ng holiday, un Christmas Tree ang ginawa naming backdrop. Sayang naman kasi ang Christmas Tree na ni request ng aking junakis kung di man lang makakasama as background ng aming holiday photo op. 

Buco Salad Recipe 

We had buco salad- a traditional Filipino salad and DIY charcuterie board. I have a suki "kuya buko" that supplies fresh buco every week. I can request pang buco salad if I want more meat or malauhog if I want more buco juice. Buco costs PhP100/3pieces. I always give extra tip for kuya.

Buco Salad Ingredients

  • 6 to 9 pieces pang salad na buko then grate/scrape into strips
  • 2 packs of all purpose cream 250mL
  • half a can or 150mL of sweetened condense milk (adjust depending on your desired sweetness level)
  • 2 cans of Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup 825g (not the FIESTA variant) drained

Salmon Kani Sushi Bake Video | Costing + Ingredients

My daughter has always been a picky eater but Sushi Bake is one food that she can eat over and over again. That said, I asked a few friends of mine for the recipe and of course, their suppliers for the ingredients.

I have tasted Sushi Bake from various food suppliers since it trended at the beginning of community quarantine. I even wrote about the Sushi Bake as Quarantine Food Trend.  I think it is about time to try and make our very own version.  

The ingredients can be as simple as Japanese rice, kani (crabsticks), cream cheese and Japanese mayo to an elaborate version which includes steak and unagi (eel).

Dad's Surprise 70th Birthday Party | Oriental Palace Quezon City + Money Box

This is a long overdue entry. My dad celebrated his 70th (Chinese) birthday last February 23, 2020. It was one of the last few parties that we were able to attend before everyone was required to stay home (government mandated) due to Covid-19. 

45 years and counting!

Dad's Surprise 70th Birthday Celebration 

DIY Coffee Jelly Drink At Home

I am not on a diet but I eat moderately... most of the time!  Here's another drink entry entitled Dalgona Coffee using a Blender. You can check the entry here

Craving Satisfied

I do my best to eat well but sometimes I am weak too. I give in to my cravings and yes, I enjoy every bite or drink haha

Check out the Dalgona Coffee Drink with Blender I made last year.

Coffee Jelly | List of Ingredients

Whenever I miss my favorite Starbucks drink- Coffee Jelly, I get creative and search our pantry for supplies. Thankfully, I always have the following on my grocery list:

  • Sunbest Coffee Jelly- the only available brand we have locally
  • Whole Milk- I always have milk on my coffee
  • ready to drink Coffee in can
  • Whipping Cream optional