Goto Tendon | Review

DH has been bugging me to try Goto Tendon for sometime now. Honestly, I have not been giving it a thought because I don't like to eat tendon. I take that thing out whenever I see it mixed with my food.

But eventually, I got curious because he kept on going back... with his friends! I thought I might be missing something so of course, I wanted to give it a try especially when I found out that Goto Tendon also offers other specials on their menu other than goto and tendon.

Last night was my second time to visit Goto Tendon Scout Tobias branch in Quezon City. I didn't get to take photos of all food that we ordered during our first visit because, well, I was busy eating. I figured I can take more photos this time, hmmm, I was wrong. I was too hungry so I didn't get to take pictures of half of our orders.

The restaurant was full on both visits. The restaurant was designed as a fast food- order your food at the counter, pay for it then find a table upstairs. The tables and chairs downstairs are reserved for Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women and PWDs. The place is not conducive for small talks. People go there to eat, so even if the place is full, you can easily find a spot within a few minutes, just be patient. It also helps that the servers are always on their feet.

Sizzling Beef Tendon Pares Php 178

Sizzling Beef Tendon Pares is so yummy- think Hanamaruken's Happiness Rice Bowl at budget-friendly price. You can also order Beef Pares (Php 148) or Beef Tendon Pares (Php 158).

Hidden Valley Springs Resort Review | Day Trip + Rates + Experience

After our day tour at Villa Escudero on Sunday, we visited Hidden Valley Springs in Alaminos, Laguna the next day. The drive was about 30 minutes from Casa de Obando Bed & Breakfast (Sulyap Gallery Cafe) where we stayed overnight.

Hidden Valley Springs | Experience

Few days before our visit, I called Hidden Valley Spring's Manila office (see telephone numbers at the end of the post) to inquire if I need to make a cash deposit for our trip on Monday. Since it's going to be a weekday, the representative said that there's no need to make a deposit. She also said that the resort would accept us as walk-in guests.

2 Days/1 Night Itinerary
Warm Pools
On the day of our arrival, we paid in full (a total of Php 6,250) right before our car could enter the parking area. There was a table set-up with a policeman (I think PNP) together with one staff member of the resort. I gave Php 6,500, I was told that the change will be given to me at the reception area.

Hidden Valley Springs | Locker

At the reception, I collected my change and was issued 3 tickets for buffet lunch and afternoon snack (merienda). We didn't bother to put our belongings in the locker since there were only a few visitors that day. If you do want to place your valuables in the locker, there's a Php 500 deposit that's refundable (yes, Php 500 will be returned to you) upon return of key. 

It was a long walk from the parking to the hidden spring. We passed by a girl manning the welcome drink stand. We each grab a cup of cold drink- sago't gulaman. Along the way, we saw the casitas and the restaurant where we will be having our lunch and merienda.

KidZania Manila Experience | 2019 Promos + Tips + Entrance Fee + Review

Last May, KidZania Manila had a Buy 1 Get 1 promo- get a Free Weekday Adult ticket for every 1 Weekday Kid ticket purchase for only Php 900. I bought all our tickets from KLOOK. This BOGO promo is extended until July 2019. You can purchase your tickets via Kapamilya Tickets, TicketWorld and KLOOK. 

KidZania Manila | Guide to First Timers

We got there at 9AM- opening time on weekdays. KidZania's operating time varies so be sure to check the schedule online prior to your visit to avoid dismay.

KidZania Manila | 2019 Operating Hours:
  • All Mondays CLOSED
  • Tuesdays to Fridays 9AM-4PM
  • Saturdays & Sundays 10AM to 5PM
You will find Klook check-in counter at the far left (#1) when you enter the main entrance. Since it was my first time to buy tickets via Klook, I was not aware that the vouchers I printed do not have the QR code needed to facilitate our entry. I wasted a printed paper for nothing.

My friend showed the email (with QR code, of course) that I previously forwarded to her and we were immediately issued our wrist tags and tickets while the kids in our group were given 15 kidZos- KidZania's official currency. The staff said that an additional 35 kidZos will be deposited in their ATM account when they open an account at the bank inside KidZania Manila. That's a total of 50 kidZos that the kids can use to pay for services rendered to them. Opening a BPI ATM account is Free Of Charge (FOC).

Enchanted Kingdom 2019 | Birthday Promo + Tips + Klook Tickets/Entrance Fees

Last Saturday, my family and I celebrated my mother's birthday at Enchanted Kingdom, the first and only world class theme park in the Philippines. My mom availed of the enchanting birthday blowout promo of Enchanted Kingdom. She got in for FREE by simply presenting a photocopy of her birth certificate together with a valid government ID (photocopy). Now, that's Php 810 savings (weekend rate)!

Enchanted Kingdom | EKsperience

I was able to buy tickets for my daughter and I online via Klook. I bought one Regular Weekend Pass at a discounted price of Php 785 (regular weekend price is Php 900) and one Junior Weekend Day Pass* for Php 590 (regular weekend price is Php 600).

* Junior Day Passes are for children 36 to 47 inches in height. 

Klook | Enchanted Kingdom WEEKEND Pass
Inclusive of:
  • 1 Day Admission
  • Ride-All-You-Can Pass
  • Unlimited Admission to Agila: the EKsperience
Klook | Enchanted Kingdom WEEKDAY Pass Rates
  • Regular Day Pass discounted at Php 698; original price of Php 800
  • Junior Day Pass discounted at Php 490; Original price of Php 500
Klook Enchanted Kingdom Unli-Ride-Ticket + Agila the EKsperience Admission Ticket is an open date ticket and is valid for three months from date of purchase. 

Klook has a special offer for Philippine users: Get Php 300 off with a minimum of Php 4,000 using promo code EXPLOREHOME300. Valid until June 30, 2019. 

I know that there's a separate line for Klook users where the staff has to scan the QR code at the Agila entrance/ticketing gate located on the far left side of the main gate. But since we are availing EK's Enchanting Birthday Blowout promo, the rest of the family still had to line up and buy tickets. 

Enchanted Kingdom | Enchanting Birthday Blowout Requirements:

We were there at around 11AM. just in time for the park's opening. FYI, park hours varies so kindly check the schedule first before driving there. I scanned the crowd and ask one of the staff where we can avail of the birthday promo. The staff told me that I can buy the tickets near Agila entrance but I saw that the line there is longer. I figured, I am going to deal with that later. 

He pointed me to counter 7 where we were able to avail of the free pass for my mom. Okay, if you are the celebrant, you must visit the park on your birthday week- 6 days before until 6 days after the actual birthday. Your actual birthday is included too.

  • photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA/NSO/Municipal)
  • photocopy of valid government ID (passport, driver's license, voter's ID etc.)
  • student ID 
    Celebrant must have at least one paying companion. The companion can get a regular day pass at a 10% discount price (Php 720/weekdays and Php 810/weekends/holidays). Up to 10 companions can avail of the discount. 

    Tip #1: I found out while typing this entry that I should have bought another Regular Weekend Pass from Klook. Instead of just getting a 10% discount (Php 810) via Enchanted Kingdom ticket counter, the price would just be Php 785 via Klook. Php 25 more discount ; p

    Note: Discount is not applicable to Junior and Senior Rate. 

    It took us only a few minutes to buy get the free pass, one regular pass and a senior pass. My dad, mom and sister were able to get in the park immediately. However, entering via the Klook/Agila gate is another story. Yes, there were several staff manning the entrance. And yes, they could be more efficient so as not to have a lot of people crowding the area under the heat of the sun. One person in front of me was lining at the Klook line when he should be in another line- change of booking. There was no clear sign so people can line up properly. I pity the children including my daughter because of the long line and the unbearable heat. What should have been a quick entrance- the voucher has to be presented via mobile app (no printing necessary) and scanned via the staff's phone lasted more than 20 minutes. 

    Tip#2: Pay your parking ticket (Php50) at the ticketing office where you buy your tickets to the park. 

    A'bloom Review (Mask Sheet + BHA Blackhead Blaster + Meringue Puff | Althea Angel

    Sun's Out | Humid Weather

    The latest Althea box containing A'bloom products arrived just in time as we had just came back from our weekend getaway. I think now is the perfect time to try out the latest in Korean Beauty. So, here it goes....

    A'bloom | Covered in Flowers

    What's Inside the Althea Box:

    • A'bloom Water-Me-Long Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet- drench & quench care
    • A'bloom Avo-Cuddle-Me Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet- nourishing & wrinkle care
    • A'bloom Ac-Me-Peach- purifying skin & soothing care
    • A'bloom Sparkle-Me-Bright Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet-shining radiance care
    • A'bloom Natural BHA Blackhead Blaster
    • A'bloom Giant Meringue Puff
    • A'bloom Baby Meringue Puff

    The packaging of A'bloom products were all too cute especially the mask sheets. I don't even know which one to open first. But after reading the different formulas of each mask, Water-Me-Long caught my eye because of the words "moisturizing and "juicy". I always get attracted to products that has ingredients that can help keep my skin hydrated because I definitely would not want to go back to having dry, chapped skin.