Alphaland Makati Place OOTD

I was in the company of fashion bloggers during the launch of Praiaz #LivetheBeach last month. Sarah and Anagon adopted me into the fold... yey! They even let me join in their #OOTD shoot.

I am not a fashion blogger so just give me a break and please be good to me because today is my birthday lol

Sharing the photos taken by Sarah of Fashion Eggplant.

hand to chin pose to show the accessories

Being a fashion blogger requires a lot of hard work. Just imagine, I was standing under the heat of the sun for several minutes so that Sarah could take some awesome ninja shots. Someone should have taken her photo while she is taking my photo lol

smile and tilt your head to the side pose

My bleached hair was still showing in this photo. Thank goodness it is now gone! I don't know if Sarah's cam has filter because I looked flawless in this photo. What do you think?

hands to waist pose

Darn! I should have tucked in my blouse or wore a belt to give emphasis on my waist ; p #FeelingMeronPeroWalaNaman

awkward pose

I often see fashion bloggers doing this "awkward" pose and I had to do it too ; p  #FeelingLegit

you have the option to tilt your head from right

to left... take your pick!

I don't know my profile. So is it my left or right? hehe

shoulder/chest out/ hands on legs pose

Outfit of the Day:

blouse: GAP
skirt: Warehouse

There you have it... my day in a life of a fashion blogger!
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