Aomori Cafe Boutique Greenhills

My family and I went to Aomori Cafe Boutique located in Northeast Square, Greenhills last Father's Day weekend. The cafe is elegant and classy, we had the entire chic place to ourselves because we were there before 12 noon. There was another family who came in when we were about to get the bill.

Maple Pork Ribs set PhP 358

side salad

corn soup

The man of the house ordered a set of Maple Pork Ribs. It comes with a side salad and soup of the day. The pork was very tender and juicy, really appetizing. Make sure that you try and eat the garlic on the side, it's sweet. I highly recommend this set.

Cafe Latte PhP 118

sugar crystals for coffee

DH's coffee was served with sugar crystals. While I have seen rock sugar in the past, this is the first time that I encountered a colored one. It's pretty to look at just like the entire place.

complimentary bread and butter

Caesar Salad PhP 268

Meltique Steak PhP 550

Honestly, I was quite disappointed with their Meltique steak. I told the waitress I want it to be medium well and guess what? The steak served was well done. The steak was just the right size and yet I could not even finish it because the taste was quite different (earthy with a funky after taste... blah!), I was not sure if they kept it for too long or it's the marinated sauce. It was the priciest item on the menu if I am not mistaken, I was totally dissatisfied, malitid pa. I will keep in mind to order another item on the menu next time. It would save me PhP 605 (PhP 550 +10% tax).

Strawberry Iced Tea PhP 98

Pumpkin soup PhP 98

I ordered a pumpkin soup for my daughter and a tall glass of refreshing strawberry iced tea for me. My little one is not eating a lot of food these days, I noticed it since her yaya left over a month ago. We have a new yaya but she still has a poor appetite. Good thing she eats my sukiyaki ; )

I think we ordered way too much again because aside from the side salad that was included in DH set menu, I ordered a Caesar Salad with tempura ; p

Pan seared chicken PhP 218

The new yaya does not eat pork because she is an Adventist. I ordered a chicken for her. She does not have a huge appetite nor as active/ attentive as compared with my previous yaya. In fact on the day that we went to Aomori Cafe, #babyMartinez was able to break a bottle of Thai Chili sauce which cost us PhP 280... gaaah! I told her to move a bit faster and to be attentive at all times because my baby is very curious at this stage and would want to touch anything and everything in sight.

Happy Father's Day Cookie!

Aomori Ichiba Cafe Boutique is located at the lower ground floor of NorthEast Square Building, 47 Connecticut St., Greenhills (same building with Ajisen Ramen). You may contact them at 7241952.
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