Chewy Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled Soft Cookie

This can't wait! I am eating a piece of Chewy Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled Soft Cookies as I am writing this entry, a bit messy but this is sooo good!

Each pack contains 15 pieces of Brownie Filled soft cookies. I opened it yesterday and gave a piece to my daughter. After she finished eating it, she took another one! This cookie is #babyMartinez approved with thumbs-up sign pa ; )

 Let's see how good it looks up close...

See the brownies inside? I wish I can share it with you but my baby is hoarding the whole pack right now lol

You can easily break it into pieces. I like breaking it into 4 so it can easily fit in my mouth. Pure chocolate goodness!

thanks S Merchandising Corporation for sending these goodies!

S Merchandising Corporation is the only authorized distributor of Chips Ahoy! Cookies, Ritz Crackers, Jacobs Crackers and more, here in the Philippines.
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