King One Rotary Hot Pot in Quezon City | Restaurant Review

After the tiring morning photo shoot at Baby Shower Studio last Sunday, all we could think about was food. The newest restaurant to open along Tomas Morato is King One Rotary Hot Pot.

rotary table on the left and unlimited drinks on right

We were there on its second day, most of the expensive items were not available like live suahe and US Supreme Beef. There's also limited vegetables, the likes of watercress ran out of stock mainly due to the heavy orders on its first day of operation. In my opinion, that it not an excuse since the restaurant will be charging the same amount no matter what.

Our combination of soup base came out first. You can choose from Plain, Satay, Century Egg Wansoy, Spicy Szechuan, Hong Kong Curry, Koren Kimchi, Thailand Tom Yum and Hong Kong Style Pork. We chose Satay and Hong Kong Style Pork.

Our orders came out after repeated requests or about 30 minutes. I had to get up from my seat and ask the staff manning the rotary table for some slices of beef. The service was terrible to say the least.

Since most of the items that we want were out of stock, our table was filled with dumplings and balls- lobster, fish, crab claw etc.

unlimited fried rice/ plain rice

Drink All You Can PhP 65

The staff, especially the manager, was very apologetic especially when we got the bill (it took a while for the bill to get to our table so I walk straight to the cashier). It turned out, the cashier had no change for PhP 1000. They only accept cash and it seems like everybody paid with PhP 500 or PhP 1000.

Hopefully, the service would not be as terrible when I go back. And please, restock your supply of meat, seafood and vegetables.

King One Eat All You Can price

King One Rotary Hot Pot rates:

Lunch PhP 528
Dinner PhP 599

Lunch/Dinner PhP 599

Drink All You Can- PhP 65; Add PhP 20 for one round of Fresh Fruit Shake

King One Rotary Hot Pot is located at Level 2, Forum Building, 270 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City You can call 3328073.
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