Manila Zoo | One Fine Sunday

Have you visited Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden or simply Manila Zoo lately? My family and I went there one fine Sunday. Bear with me and my photos as my trusty camera, Canon EOS M, was not with me that day since we were only supposed to eat breakfast at our favorite restaurant, Dragon Noodle Center. It was an unplanned trip but we all enjoyed looking and taking photos of the animals.

Maali the lonesome elephant found in Manila Zoo

The first animal we saw was Manila Zoo's main attraction, Maali, the 39-year-old lone female elephant. I remember there were giraffes before but they were not around anymore. The last time I visited this place was a long time ago (read: when I was just a kid) ; p

Maali is an Asian elephant. She spent her early years in the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka. She was four years old when the people of Sri Lanka gave her to the children of the Philippines in 1979.

Maali loves mangoes. She also loves watermelons, coconuts, and peanuts. She likes popsicles, but be sure she never gets the wood sticks or the plastic wrappers.

Elephants drink about 225 liters of water each day. That’s about 950 glasses of water!

Elephants generally live up to 60 years old. They grow six sets of teeth in their lifetime. As a female Asian elephant, Maali does not have tusks, but male Asian elephants and both male and female African elephants grow tusks. -SOURCE

After seeing the kid-friendly Maali, I chanced upon these two, eeeer, three Red-Eared Slider Turtle having some fun under the sun!

Do not disturb! This turtle is sunbathing!

Can you spot crocodile?

how about in this photo?

and this?

Let's take a tour inside the Reptile House....

a Burmese Python

and another one

Sailfin Water Lizard

Reticulated Python

a tiger!

some tigers were taking a nap

I think this is just a baby

say mooo!

Chapman's Zebra (half horse half zebra)

I saw an injured bird outisde the fence ; (

a hippo!




sleeping owl

oh, hello bird!

#ootd at Manila Zoo ; p

top: GAP | bottom: Mango | belt: Mango | shoes: Yosi Samra

tired of walking?

take the Manila Zoo transportation

Our overall experience was pleasant. It was not crowded. The place is generally clean. The weather was good, a bit cloudy but we got tired easily so we rode this non-airconditioned vehicle and paid PhP 50 per head. We were able to tour the whole 5.5 hectare zoo without a sweat ; p

For Manila residents, admission fee is only PhP 60 while the rest of us have to pay PhP 100. Manila Zoo is located at Adriatico St., Malate, Manila.
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