Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween 2014

Last Saturday, my daughter attended her first-ever Halloween Trick or Treat at Great Big Room, Big Red Barn in Fun Ranch Ortigas! We were in Toronto, Canada last year and by the time we were back in Manila, most of the Halloween events were already done ; ( You can just imagine how excited I am when Mommy Bloggers Philippines announced the date and venue of the celebration! I was already contemplating on what my daughter will be wearing weeks before the actual event hahaha

The invite said 2pm but we were at the venue at around 1pm, di naman halatang excited!!! The venue was already half full but luckily we were able to secure a table near the stage area.

There were so many prizes from sponsors to be given away to the members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines! Who is not going to be excited, ha?!

Here's the registration area, the ladies behind the counter were some of the mommies/bloggers who have helped make this event to be a memorable one.

I think the venue was full to capacity by the time the event started at around 3pm. Thank goodness, the air conditioning unit was working!

Mommy bloggers, kids and guests were treated to a piece of chicken, spaghetti and fries! Children were also given a piece of Krispy Kreme donut ; )

Here are some of the sponsors' booths, check it out:

This popcorn stand was a big hit! I think my sister was able to eat 2-3 bags lol

We love Jolly Cow Fresh Milk!

You can have your weight analyzed in Jolly's booth. As usual, the weighing scale stated that I am overweight lol What can I do?! I love to eat hahaha

SansFluo gave my daughter a Teething Gel at the end of the party ; p

I went to check on The Cream Factory, all the lotions smelled so good, I want to eat it hahaha

There were song and dance numbers by several kids of the mommy bloggers. #DragonPrincessB was watching them with delight, she was pretty impressed and clapped at the end of each performance!

There was also a cooking demo brought by Jolly Pure Goodness. At the end of the segment, questions were asked and guess what? I won in the last and final Q&A! Not only that, after registering at the PhotoMark booth, my name was picked and won an hour's photo session at their studio located at  Gilmore IT Center in Quezon City. What a lucky day it was!

There were still more prizes to be given away but we were all anticipating the much-awaited part, the costume parade!

The Fantasy...

The Superheroes...


Animals and others...

Okay, my daughter came as one of the members of Spice Girls lol Initially, I wanted her to be Cinderella or Cloud E. Sky character in Lalaloopsy but I can sense that she will not be comfortable wearing a gown for the duration of the program.So, Geri Halliwell (and her British Flag dress) it is!

Here are the winners of this years Halloween costumes...

..... Captain America, Rapunzel, a Zombie and a Cow Girl!

Thanks to these wonderful moms who spent their quality time in organizing this memorable event!

Before we went home, kids (and moms too!) were asked to line up and get their treats!!! We we were all happy, at the same time, we have sore muscles from carrying all the stuff we went home with ; p Not that I am complaining hahaha

Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for organizing such a fantastic event! See you mommies, hopefully, at our Christmas Party?!
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