Figaro Yuletide Cakes & Drinks

Figaro Coffee Company recently launched its Yuletide Drinks and Cakes! I was so excited to give it a try so I went to Figaro Tomas Morato branch last Saturday to see what is in store for fans like me ; )

Red Velvet Cake PhP 119/slice

I was with Rowena when I sampled these Figaro treats. We started with a slice of Red Velvet Cake. There's a right amount of cream cheese in every bite. The taste is not over-empowering. I like it!

Praline Latte PhP 119

We decided to split the drinks between the two of us. I chose Praline Latte and it was good, a little bit Praline in every sip!

Speculoos Latte PhP 119

I think ordering a hot drink is perfect to go with a slice of cake, don't you think so?

Praline Frost and Speculoos Frost 16oz. PhP 145/ 20oz PhP 165

Figaro's Yuletide Drinks are also available in Frost- a bit sweeter than hot. I prefer latte over frost because I can't handle sugar overload anymore ; p

Humming Bird Cake PhP 115

Another cake that I like is Humming Bird Cake. It is a mixture of banana and pineapple with pecan on top!

Seasoned Prune Cake PhP 70

Figaro's Seasoned Prune Cake is super moist and dense. It can be shared by two people.

Other Figaro Yuletide offerings are:

Cranberry White Dream Bars PhP 70
Snowman Sugar Cookies PhP 85
Figaro Gingerbread Man & Santa Claus Sugar Cookies PhP 85 a piece

 But wait, there's more! Figaro also introduced its Gourmet Croissant Duo...

Chicken Waldorf Croissant Sandwich PhP 145

The sandwiches have cheese in them so I like both. If you want something different, I suggest that you give Chicken Waldorf Croissant Sandwich a try. Aside from cheese and slices of tomatoes and cucumbers, it has bits of chicken, apple and walnut! Yummy!

I also like the crispy potato chips served on the side!

Han & Cheese Croissant Sandwich PhP 145

Aside from offering Yuletide Drinks & Cakes, Figaro also offers Yuletide Gifts like Thermo Bottle, Magic Mug and Notebooks! Price starts at PhP 149!

Gift Certificates are also available in PhP 100 and PhP 500 denominations.

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