Surprise Birthday Party at Sakura by Edo-San in Alphaland Southgate Tower

I think November 22 was an auspicious day because I received three birthday invitations and if you know me, I can't say no to parties with free food ; p So, yes, I attended all three!

The first event was the big 4-0 birthday celebration of my good friend, Lola. It was held at Sakura by Edo-San in Makati.

The surprise birthday party was organized and prepared by her darling husband with the help of her high school barkada.

Just to give you a brief background of our friendship, I met her when I was still in college. We used to go bar-hopping together along with other friends from different universities. We used to meet each other every Friday or Saturday night... walang palya!

Our group almost ruined the surprise party for her because we were in Viber earlier that day chatting about where to meet, etc. lol She even asked where we were all going hahaha Oh, my!

Thankfully, she bought my excuse- S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! Imagine her surprise when she saw all of us in one room singing "Happy Birthday!" song hahaha

Of course, she has to blow all 40 candles... daming laway lol

In all these years, may tinatago palang sweetness si Frank buti nalang nailabas na bago mahuli ang lahat! They even kissed! Yeah, grossed hahaha I caught in on my cam too! Pero I am not willing to share baka patayin ako ni Lola lol

How time flies! I remember, I used to party all night with these group! Now, we all have different lives- some got married with kids and some still enjoy being single.

Here are Lola's 3 delectable cakes:

Celebrating the big 4-0 gives you the right to have not just one but three wonderful cakes! 1 Strawberry shortcake created by Baby Yulo (middle PhP 1600) and 2 Costa Brava cakes (1 Caramel PhP 1000 and 1 Rainbow PhP 2000). 

Mrs. Yulo' Strawberry Shortcake is located at 19 Kawayan St., North Forbes, Forbes Park, Makati 8108078   8124961

Costa Brava is located at 12 Polaris St., Bel-Air, Makati City 8961267   8966872 

Take a look at my plates and please do not judge hahaha

I wish I can eat more maki than what was on my plate but I can only take in so much and still have to make room for dessert!

Shrimp tempura is large in size, I can't complain! The salad were yummy since fresh veggies were included.

The Beef Teppan is a hit-and-miss! Some beef cubes were tender and others were a bit chewy.

Sakura by Edo-San serves great-tasting iced tea! I think I had two glasses ; )

I like two out of four ice cream flavors served- Green Tea and Black Sesame. Red Bean does not taste like red bean while the Wasabi is piping hot!

Looking at my plates above, I can't believe I was able to eat that much last Saturday! Surprisingly, I was still able to eat more for dinner! Takaw lang!

I am sharing what's on Sakura by Edo-San Kenjo Vikings Buffet:

Sakura Salad
Kani Salad
Potato Salad
Chicken Salad

Beef Yakimeshi
Mixed Tempura
Beef Teppan
Tori To Oyster Teriyaki
Seabass Karaage
Butaniku Togarishi
Assorted Sashimi

refillable iced tea
Chocolate Fondue
Coffee Jelly
Leche Flan
Panna Cotta
Mango Pudding
Assorted Fresh Fruits

We all had fun catching up and promised to see each other this weekend!

Sakura by Edo-San Kenjo Vikings Buffet costs PhP 850+ and is available every Sunday only.

Sakura by EdoSan is located at the 6th Floor, Alphaland Southgate Tower, Pasong Tamo, Makati 3105677   09395228912

Happy Birthday Lola! May you have good health and wealth in the years to come! Cheers!
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