Teppanyaki Xpress Fisher Mall | Restaurant Review

Two Sundays ago, I dragged DH out of bed so we can have a family night out. We went to Fisher Mall to check out new dining establishments. My mind is set on Japanese food but we already had dinner at Morita Japanese Restaurant so that is out of our list. I wanted to try something new, thank goodness, we spotted Teppanyaki Xpress- a fairly new restaurant on the second floor.

The restaurant was half full when we entered and there were still vacant seats next to the Teppanyaki table so we chose to sit there.

We ordered one US Steak Cut. There were two steaks in the photo above because it included the order of the two girls seated adjacent to us ; p

US Steak Cut PhP 355

The steak tasted okay, best eaten while still hot off the teppan table. Some meat were a bit chewy but some were tender. Generally, it was okay for the price we paid.

Salmon PhP 375

We also ordered Salmon Teppanyaki. But by the time the salmon arrived, we were already so full from the sushi and sashimi that we ordered.

Every Teppanyaki includes a cup of miso soup, mixed vegetables teppan and unlimited serving of tea (hot/cold).

Salmon Sashimi PhP 285

For the sashimi, DH ordered salmon. There were 8 thick salmon slices, so worth it!

Spicy Tuna Salad PhP 225; Mackarel Sushi PhP 305

As usual, we ordered my favorite Mackarel sushi and also Spicy Tuna Salad. You can never go wrong with these two orders. Both were yummy and delicious.

Gyoza PhP 155

I suggest you skip ordering Gyoza. The skin is so thick, you can hardly chew it. I have to remove all the skin so I can feed the ground meat to my daughter.

Shrimp Tempura 6pcs. PhP 325

Another great choice on the menu is Shrimp Tempura. The shrimps were all big and not oily, so worth it.

You can also opt to order 3 pieces for PhP 225.

Okonomiyaki PhP 185

I was also disappointed with Okonomiyaki. I was imagining it to be round, thick and pizza-like instead it was served to us already sliced. I think there was also something lacking in the ingredient because I was not even impressed with its taste.

Teppanyaki Express is located at 2/F Fisher Mall 325 Quezon Ave. Quezon City.

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