The Long And Short Story Of Calvin Klein Jeans

Kids grow up so fast! I can't believe that my toddler who just turned two, is now 3 feet tall! That's the good news, here goes the sad part... she has outgrown most of the clothes I bought from our trips abroad ; (

This Calvin Klein Jeans ensemble is a perfect example. I bought this when we went to Canada last 2013. She was only one year old then. It's a size 2. I bought it thinking she would be able to wear them when she turns two. I miscalculated, by the time I let her wear it, the jeans were already too tight on her legs huhu I should have taken it out of her dresser sooner.

Anyway, I don't know what else to do about it. It looks too pretty to throw away, don't you think? I have tons of other kid stuff laying around the house too. It makes me want to think twice before buying any more clothes and toys these days. Plus, we really need to save up for her schooling next year. In the mean time, there will be a self-imposed shopping ban in our house ; )
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