Healthy Shabu-Shabu Power Plant Mall Rockwell

My daughter is sick. Her fever won't go away since we arrived from Singapore. She vomited 4x two days ago which prompted me to visit her pediatrician. Today, she is suffering from LBM due to her antibiotic. I just came back from the drugstore where I bought a box of Erceflora as her doctor suggested. She seldom gets sick so it really bothers me.  The good thing is that she is still active as ever. Ok, that explains why I post on erratic schedule these days.

Meat with Seafood Set PhP 590

I posted about our visit to Power Plant Mall, Rockwell last Christmas a few days back. But I forgot to tell you where we had lunch. We ate at Healthy Shabu-Shabu. A hot pot was a welcome change for all the fried food we ate the day before.

Beef Striploin

I ordered a set of Meat with Seafood. Price of meat ranges from PhP 590 to PhP 1,790 depending on your choice of meat and seafood. I ordered the most basic which is Beef Striploin with seafood.

crab meat, tofu, meat and squid balls, mushroom, pechay native, a slice of carrot and tomato, baby corn and noodles

I was surprised to see that the set comes with assorted balls, veggies and noodles. Ideally, this set serves two but my parents and I were able to share it with some leftover to take away.

clockwise from top left: sate sauce, egg and a bowl of chopped garlic, spring onion and chili

How to enjoy Healthy Shabu-Shabu:

  1. Crack egg and beat in bowl using chopsticks
  2. Spread on top of meat using Shabu-shabu laddle
  3. Drop the meat in boiling soup for not more than 10 seconds
  4. Dip the meat in special sauce and enjoy the tenderness

US Angus Beef Rice PhP 310

I also ordered a bowl of US Angus Beef Rice. Although it's tasty, there's only a small amount of thinly sliced beef. Totally not worth the price I paid. Next time, I will just order a bowl of Beef Rice (PhP 220).

Healthy Shabu-Shabu is located at G/F R1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati
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