Tangle Teezer Compact Styler & Magic Flowerpot Review

When I saw several posts about Tangle Teezer on Instagram, naturally, I got curious. I am not an impulsive buyer so I decided to check out its website first. There are several kinds of brushes so I checked each one. While doing so, I even joined a giveaway I found online ; p Sadly, I didn't win. I did the next best thing, I ordered a set- one for me and one for my daughter ; )

Tangle Teezer Mommy & Child Set Php 1,780

Luckily, Tangle Teezer Philippines was on sale when I ordered a Mommy & Child Set. What was supposed to be Php 2,220 (Php 1,110 each) was marked down to Php 1,780. That's a huge saving of almost 20%! Best of all, shipping is FREE!

I placed my order last November 29 and immediately received a confirmation number for my order. Three days after, I received another email informing me that my order had been shipped... yey!

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Gold Rush Php 1,110

Tangle Teezer is a detangling hairbrush. It was invented by Shaun P and it is made in Great Britain.

What I like about Tangle Teezer aside from using it as an instant detangling brush:

  • Hair is less frizzy
  • Less hair fall
  • Shinier hair

I only use it when my hair is dry. I find it hard to use when my hair is wet so I still use my other comb for that. I don't know if The Original Tangle Teezer has longer bristles. I find the bristles of Compact Styler a bit short. I don't have thick hair but I have to brush several times and hold it against my head so the bristles can penetrate and brush my hair thoroughly. Or hold my hair in a pony and just comb it from under.

So, what's inside the box?

  • A compact Styler Gold Rush that can fit in the palm of my hand
  • Easy click-off, click-on cover to protect bristles
Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot Princess Pink Php 1,110

I guess this box was damaged during shipping. I suggest to bubble wrap the package before delivering to clients.

The box contains several fliers including a 10% discount coupon for future use, a caring instructions, a story book for the little one and a coloring book. Oh, the flowerpot can be used for storing knickknacks like clips and ribbons.

  •  Magic Flowerpot Princess Pink
  •  A Flowerpot

How to clean your Tangle Teezer:

  • Wipe clean with water
  • Do not submerge in water
  • Dry at room temperature away from direct sunlight
  • Always put your Tangle Teezer in cover to protect the bristles

So cute, isn't it? I am eying some Limited Edition colors like The Original Peppermint Green (Php 950) and Salon Elite Sweet Lilac (Php 995). I wanted to try it and see the difference!

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