Get a Fresh-Faced Look with Nude Lipstick

In my many years of blogging, I don't think I have ever discussed about wearing a nude lipstick. I own several shades but it was either too light or too dark for my skin tone. Most of the time, I ended up looking like a ghost, even I dread how I looked (*imagine a face without lips).

Fast-forward to today, I think I have found the right shade of nude lipstick for my fair skin. It's rosy-beige in color and it's from a Filipino brand called Happy Skin.

Here's the nude lippie I am taking about, it's Happy Skin StyLIZed Shut Up & Kiss Me in Style Icon. You can view the swatches under natural lighting in this entry.

Happy Skin StyLIZed Shut Up & Kiss Me in Style Icon Php 599

This shade is perfect for people like me who has a neutral undertone. If you can't tell if the veins at the underside of your forearm is green (warm) or blue (cool) then you are neutral. I am somewhere in between so I think I have an even mixture of undertones in my skin.

I didn't put any gloss on top or a lip balm prior to lipstick application, I just swiped the lipstick on my lips and it glided easily without any fuss.

Happy Skin StyLIZed Shut Up & Kiss Me in Style Icon is pigmented and moisturizing. The downside is that it is not long-wearing, the color easily transfers on to things that touches my lips. The lipstick in itself is buttery (a plus!) but because of that it deforms easily when not handled properly.

What's your favorite nude lipstick?
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