Lenten Goodness at Figaro + Summer Fusion 2015

Figaro wants you to experience Lenten Goodness this season by offering two seafood dishes- Breaded Dory Sandwich and Basil Gamberetti Pizza. Coinciding with these release, the Filipino-owned company also launched its Summer Fusion 2015. It is a summer beverage collection consisting of 4 flavors- a mix of the best tropical fruits and coffee to create a rich & creamy flavor in a cup. 

Figaro's Summer Fusion 2015 (left to right): Passion Fruit Cucumber Fusion, Four Seasons, Lychee Cucumber & Peach Cappuccino; Figaro's Lenten Goodness: Basil Gamberetti Pizza & Breaded Dory Sandwich

My favorite drink is Four Seasons. Not too sweet, this drink is so refreshing and is perfect for the summer season! I didn't know fruit and coffee can go together when blended well, I only realized it when I had a sip of Peach Cappuccino. This is a must-try drink for coffee lovers like my mom. For those who are health conscious, Figaro also had you in mind by launching Lychee Cucumber and Passion Fruit Cucumber Fusion. These last two drinks are light on taste with a hint of cucumber.

Each Figaro's Summer Fusion Drink is priced at Php 125.

Basil Gamberetti Pizza Php 189

I love shrimp so this plateful of pizza topped with fresh basil leaves, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes slices is a winner for me ; )

Breaded Dory Sandwich Php 135

Breaded Dory is grilled to perfection sandwiched in between Ciabatta bread with lettuce in tartar dressing. There's also green salad on the side. It is so affordable at only Php 135.

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