Rufo's Famous Tapa Makati | Restaurant Review

Two Sundays ago, my family and I drove to Makati to have our parents vaccinated with a flu vaccine in my sister's office. I spotted Rufo's Famous Tapa across her office so I suggested the fast food restaurant to them. I was able to try it ages ago but totally forgot to blog about it so it was a perfect opportunity for me to try the "Sauce Pa Lang, Ulam Na!" once more and well, share my experience if the food lived up to my expectations.

Rufo's Famous Tapa Since 1984 Php 116

For decades, Rufo's built a cult following for serving iconic Tapsilog, or Tapa (fried beef strips), Sinangag (garlic rice) and Itlog (fried egg)- a Filipino "All-Day Breakfast" dish.  

The best seller since 1984! Mouth-watering, tender Batangas beef, marinated and served in Rufo's rich, sweet "Famous Sauce" with a side order of fried egg. The sauce is really a dish on its own! "Sauce Pa lang Ulam na!"

What's my verdict? There were like only 5 to 6 strips of Tapa on my plate... it's so bitin! I would not mind paying a bit more than Php 116 just so I can have my fill of Tapa. And yes, the sauce is really good- rich & sweet!

I hope that Atchara (pickled vegetables) will be included on the plate of Tapsilog so I will not pay an additional Php 10 for it ; p

Lumpiang Shanghai Php 49

Rufo's Lumpiang Shanghai had a very thick wrapper with a little meat inside. On the other hand, my daughter loved the prawn flakes served on the side. Unfortunately, the serving of which was visibly a lot less than the one showed on the menu.

Bulalo Php 168

If I am not mistaken, Bulalo was one of the most expensive items on the menu at Php 168, next to Sizzling T-Bone Steak at Php 186. We were all disappointed with it especially my sister who ordered it. The meat was not tender, we could not even chew and swallow it. In short, we paid Php 168 for a salty soup.

Burger Steak Php 66

Corned Beef a la Rufo's Php 76

Atchara Php 10

The price is inexpensive and budget-friendly but the quality of the food is mediocre. I hope the management can improve on the quality of food that it serves on their customers. I would not mind paying a little bit more as long as I can eat it and feel not so bitin!

Anyway, I didn't get the exact address of Rufo's Famous Tapa but it is located across Ayala Triangle, Makati on the second floor of a building ; p
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