Don Andres- A Peruvian Kitchen | Restaurant Review

I am taking a break from my usual Beauty and Fashion related posts because I am going back to my first love... Food. I have visited several restaurants before and after my one-month food delivery that I still have not blogged about.

First up is Don Andres- A Peruvian Kitchen located along Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City.  This is the second Peruvian restaurant I have tried. The first one was Mantaro Original Peruvian Cuisine located along Sct. Tobias St. also in Quezon City.

My family and I were with a large group of friends so we ordered a lot from the menu. You can feast your eyes on the following orders:

Ceviches Y Tiraditos (Appetizers)

Pulpo Al Olivo Php 340

 Sliced Octopus cooked in citrus juice, saltine crackers, with Botija Olive sauce

Choros Ala Chalaca 5pcs. Php 320

Refreshing Peruvian mussels with citrus corn salsa

Chorizo Al Plato Php 280

 Grilled Chorizo with garlic served with side salad

Arroces (Rice Dishes)

Arroz Con Mariscos Php 395

Assorted seafood rice simmered with wine sauce

Classicos y Otros (Main Dishes)

Brochettas de Lomo Php 480

Beef tenderloin skewers with bell pepper and onions served with fries

Lengua Guisado Php 320

Peruvian style ox tongue with mashed potato or rice

Lomo Saltado Php 420

Popular Peruvian dish served with beef tenderloin strips, onions, tomatoes and fried potatoes

Pollo A La Brasa (Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken)

 Pollo Entero with sides Php 680

1 whole chicken with 4 sides. Also available without sides for only Php 590

Postres (Dessert)

Picarones Php 175

Peruvian dounut made from special ingredients served with Dulce de Leche dip (5 pcs.)

Alfajores Php 65

Delicious shortbread cookie with Dulce de Leche filling

Pie De Limon Php 145

Peruvian style key lime pie

I heard through the grapevine that the owners of Don Andres and Mantaro used to work together that must be why the items on the menu are quite the same.

If it is your first time to try a Peruvian restaurant, I suggest you go to Don Andres where the staff are more courteous and the dining area is more suitable for large groups.

Don Andres- A Peruvian Kitchen is located at the Courtyard Building 26 Sgt. Esguerra Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City 364 4145.
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