Dress & Sneakers Kind of Day | OOTD

I was in SM Megamall yesterday with my daughter for It's Hero Time! Cartoon Network Intergalactic Halloween event. My sister scored tickets for me and the little one when she bought toys at Toy Kingdom over a week ago.

The ticket indicated that there will be 6 booths where you can receive a stamp after doing an activity. After completing all six stamps, you are then qualified to join the raffle promo. We completed all six tasks but we didn't bother to join the raffle promo. We were in and out of the event's area in less than an hour. It was not as fun and exciting as I have hoped for. Plus, the treats are pretty lame so I didn't take photos anymore ; p

I was in the mood to wear a dress yesterday but didn't exactly think about what shoes to go with it. Heels or sneakers?

Anyway, since I know that I will be spending most of the time walking around the venue, I made sure that I am in my comfiest shoes so I wore a pair of sneakers.

Dress + Sneakers = Yay or Nay?!

All my essential stuff fits in this tiny NiQua leather bag- credit card, driver's license, money, comb and cellphone. 

I really like People Footwear because of its simplified construction, lightweight materials, supreme comfort, and timeless style.

If you ask me, I really like this dress + sneakers look. It looks stylish, trendy and at the same time, comfy. What do you think?

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