Oasis Beach & Dive Resort | Restaurant Review

I will start my Bohol series with a food entry.

DH found Oasis Resort Restaurant in Tripadvisor. According to the travel website, Oasis ranks #13 among the Best Restaurants in Panglao Island, Bohol Province.

We went there everyday trying our luck to find a table for 6 but the restaurant was always full. Luck was on our side when on our last night, DH was able to find a vacant table on the second floor dining area. The beachfront tables are reserved for the in-house guests of the resort.

Glazed Salmon

Glazed Salmon Php 255

Pan-grilled salmon steak coated with a homemade "sweet whiskey" glaze served with mashed potato, gravy and vegetable sidings

I made the mistake of ordering a well-done salmon. It turned out to be dry and tough to chew. The glazed on top made up for the lack of flavor of the salmon. It's my bad ; (

Nacho Salad

Beef Nacho Salad Php 195

Nacho chips topped with shredded greens, taco meat , diced tomato, sour cream, grated cheese and spicy salsa on the side

Nacho salad is one of the bestsellers in Oasis Restaurant. This bowl of beef, cheese, veggies and nachos is so good, I can eat this everyday!

You can opt for chicken instead of beef for your meat selection.

Carnivore Platter

Carnivore Platter Php 395

Grilled pork ribs, chicken skewer, pork belly, squid, fish served with papaya pickle, garlic rice and mother-in-law sauce on the side

We were there for dinner and the restaurant was dark. DH had to assist me with a back-up light so I can take better photos of the food we ordered.

I was suffering from a bad case of diarrhea for the duration of our stay in Bohol so I was not able to taste any of the meat pictured in Carnivore Platter ; ( I went back to Henann Resort as soon as this platter was served on our table.

Nasi Goreng Platter

Nasi Goreng Platter Php 265

Chicken sate and peanut sauce served with Indonesian rice topped with a fried egg, papaya pickles and sambal (hot sauce) on the side 

DH ordered another bestseller on Oasis Resort Restaurant's menu- Nasi Goreng Platter. I think he was able to finish his order in minutes. I didn't hear any complaints so I guess this dish was all good.


Pinakbet Php 165

Local vegetables flavored with shrimp paste

I hardly cook veggies at home so this Pinakbet was a treat for me and my family. There's plenty of kalabasa, ampalaya, sitaw and okra in the mix. Great choice if you were to ask me!

Other vegetable dishes on the menu: Pinakbet with Lechon Kawali Php 295; Chopsuey Php 165

The food was generally okay but I prefer our numerous visits at The Buzz Cafe, a sister company of Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant which ranks #2 in Tripadvisor ; )

Oasis Beach & Dive Resort Restaurant is located along Alona Beach just a few minutes of leisurely walk from Henann Resort where we were check-in.

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