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I have been wanting to use the hashtag I-Woke-Up-Like-This and now, I finally can! Thanks to the new K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint in Mocha Brown- the latest beauty product from K-Palette 1Day Tattoo, I woke up with these fabulous eyebrows today.

new! #KPaletteEyebrowTint

I must admit, I got intimidated with this new beauty product that's why it has been sitting on my desk for a long time. I didn't know what the outcome might be. I was afraid that I can get sloppy and end up with bushy and uneven eyebrows. But now that I have used it, I regret not trying it sooner. It was so easy to use, just like how I would normally use an eyebrow pencil.


This is my au naturel eyebrows. My brows are sparse and uneven in terms of color and shape. I mentioned in my earlier post that I can't go out without applying an eyebrow pencil because well, Kilay-Is-Life!

How to Use Lasting Eyebrow Tint in Mocha Brown

Step 1:

Start with a clean face. Remove all trace of makeup. Apply the tint onto the brows. 

I had a hard time using the stencil provided so I just draw how I would normally draw my eyebrows using the Lasting Eyebrow Tint instead of an eyebrow pencil. 

Tip: The tints dries up fast so if you need to make any changes, grab cotton buds and wipe right away. 

Step 2:

After leaving it on for 2 hours, peel it off 

It was so easy to remove. Just peel it starting from the head to the tail of your brows.

Tip: To last longer than 3 days, you can leave the tint on overnight before peeling it off the next morning. 

After peeling, I saw a few stray hairs so I used an eyebrow razor to groom my brows. I also used a brow mascara to define and shape my brows.  

K-Palette new! Lasting Eyebrow Tint is available in 4 colors/shades- Light Brown, Natural Brown, Mocha Brown and Smoky Brown.  It retails for Php 895. 

K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint is available at the following stores: 

Zalora | Beauty Bar | Watsons | Rustan's the Beauty Source 
The SM Store Beauty Section | Metro Department Store

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