Woorirang Korean Restaurant | Review

Quezon City does not run out of new restaurants. It seems like there's a new one to discover every time we turn around the block. Such is the case on how we discovered Woorirang Korean Restaurant along Sct. Fernandez St. over a month ago.

Woorirang | formerly Arirang Korean Restaurant

Unlimited Samgyupsal

  • Beef and Pork Php 450
  • Pork only Php 350

Woorirang opens at 11am and closes at 5am. We were there a little before 11am but the staff let us in anyway. I thought there was a buffet of cooked Korean dishes like in Hwaroro that would go well with the grilled bbq meat but there's none. We decided to stay so we can try something new.

This is the first batch of raw beef we received all neatly rolled on top of each other (see second photo). We got thicker slices of meat on the succeeding batches, it just didn't look like the first batch. It didn't look appetizing at all. It didn't look like it's cut for Korean BBQ. My hands were greasy from eating samgyupsal so I was not able to take a photo of it. 

Pork slices were thicker therefore it takes longer to cook. We didn't ask for a second serving after cooking this  because I am not really fond of pork. 

There were a total of 8 kinds of banchan. It is supposed to be refillable but after the second round and I requested for more fish cakes (second row rightmost), nothing came. Apparently, the chef was still cooking it. When we could not wait, we asked for the bill. After settling our bill, that's when I saw that there were a lot of fish cakes, all ready to be served huhu

We went there on a Sunday. By the time we left, the restaurant was already crowded with families enjoying their lunch. The restaurant was clean and the staff were limited so it was a bit hard to call their attention especially when we were getting our bill. There's ample parking space right in front of the restaurant.

Woorirang Korean Restaurant is located at 82 Sct. Fernandez St., Diliman, Quezon City 

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