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This 2019, our traditional Chinese New Year (CNY) lunch was celebrated last February 5 at East Ocean Palace Restaurant. While most Filipino-Chinese families have their reunions on New Year's Eve, we usually eat out on the first day of the New Year to avoid the crowd... not!

East Ocean Palace | Chinese New Year (CNY) 2019

I was initially told that the restaurant was full when I called East Ocean Palace (+632 826 4503) to make a reservation. Luckily, my sister was able to reserve a table for 6. She has more connections than I do 😂

East Ocean Palace | Menu

Double-Boiled Pigeon and Fish Maw Soup Php 500 per person

I am not a soup person but at Php 500 a bowl, I finished the whole thing down to the last drop ; p

Trivia: Fish Maw aka Fish Bladder is used by fish to control/regulate its buoyancy. Wealthy Chinese have used such bladders to make soups thought to smooth the discomfort of pregnancy and cure joint pain, among other ailments.

Another trivia is that Fish Maw is a commercial term for dried swim bladders of large fish like croaker and sturgeon. It has no fishy taste and absorbs the flavors if other ingredients. It is graded according to sex: male bladders are better than female ones. 

Steamed Lapu-Lapu Php Php 1,400

Fresh catch of the day: Steamed fish

Sauteed Fish Bladder with Chinese Mustard ; Comes in 3 sizes Small Php 700 (shown in photo above), Medium Php 1050 and Large Php 1,400

We ordered a Sauteed Fish Bladder with Chinese Mustard. I seriously didn't really know what it was at first because it was DH who ordered and he agreed to everything that was recommended to us by the owner himself.

It was only now as I am typing this article that I learned that Fish Bladder and Fish Maw are one and the same.

Trivia: Fish Bladder contains rich proteins and nutrients such as phospor and calcium. It nourishes yin, replenishes kidney and boosts stamina. It is effective in healing weak lung and kidney, anemia,etc. 

I didn't get to taste it but it was spongy, alright?! I couldn't put it any longer in my mouth so I swallowed it immediately. I was imagining where it came from. Up to now, I still can't believe that I have tasted something this exotic.
East Ocean Palace receipt: Top Right- 5 cups/bowls of soup Php 2,500 + Php 60 Towelettes; Top Right Center- 1/2 Roast Goose- Php 2,500; Bottom Right- 5 pieces Masachi Php 200; Top Left- Steamed Fish Php 1,400 + Fish Bladder with Chinese Mustard small Php 700 + Crystal Prawn  Php 1,500 + Php 280???

Check out the receipt I posted above (top left). Php 280 was added right next to the Crystal Prawn and I don't know what that is for. Maybe someone can help me out ; p

Roast Goose Php 2,500 half order as shown in the photo; Whole order costs Php 5,000

Roast Goose was TDF! My sister recently came back from Hong Kong and she brought home a box of Roast Goose. The price for one order of Hong Kong Roast Goose is almost the same. You don't have to travel out of the country to eat one if you are craving. You can get your Roast Goose fix here at East Ocean Palace. It's totally worth it!

Crystal Prawns Php 300/piece

These are giant prawns. My photo didn't do justice on it in terms of the size but believe me they were huge. And I believe those are tiny shrimps on top of the prawns.

We also ordered Steamed Black Sesame Masachi (not in the photo) at Php40 per piece.

East Ocean Palace is located at Lot 37 Block 5 Aseana Business Park, Paranaque, Metro Manila | +63 2 826 450 03

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