Leann's Tea House Unlimited Korean BBQ | Restaurant Review

After several attempts to dine in at Leann's Tea House in Quezon City, my family and I were able to finally check out this Korean BBQ restaurant... achievement unlocked ; p

Leann's CPB Php 599 per person

The restaurant was packed with families as expected because it was Sunday lunch. The ground floor has a smaller dining area and can only accommodate diners who want to order a la carte items on the menu.  We were seated on the second level where charcoal grill and ventilator are available in each table.

Unlimited Pork | Php 399
  • Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly)
  • Yongnyum Pork
  • Spicy Pork
unlimited cheese, corn and egg
Unlimited Pork & Beef | Php499
  • all meat under unlimited Pork
  • Woosamgyeop (grilled beef belly)
  • Spicy Woosamgyup
  • Bulgogi (sliced beef)
  • comes with unlimited cheese, corn and egg
(l-r) Woosampgyup, Meltique and Buchaesal
CPB | Php 599
  • all meat under unlimited Pork and Beef
  • Dak Galbi (chicken)
  • Spicy Woosamgyup
  • Meltique Beef (Australian marbled beef)
  • Buchaesal (beef top blade) 1 plate only
  • Kimchi Rice
  • comes with unlimited cheese, corn and egg
Did you know that a Japanese company based in Australia called Hokubee Co, Ltd. is the maker of Meltique Beef? The company uses a technique called 'pique' to ensure tenderness and juiciness throughout the meat.

Why go for just pork when you have an option for premium meat, right? So, we each ordered CPB package while my daughter chose to have Beef Bulgogi Rice. My favorite is Meltique Beef. You can smell really beef-y goodness upon cooking, tastes even better.

I found out that Robinsons Magnolia has Meltique beef in the supermarket. We bought a few and it tasted really good. I will have to go back for more on my next visit. It is premium steak at affordable price.

Terms and conditions:
  1. Unlimited Promo includes unlimited meat of choice, lettuce, rice, soup and side dishes
  2. Strictly no leftovers, no takeout. Left over charge is Php 400
  3. Strictly no sharing, guests who are caught sharing will be charged accordingly
  4. Same kind of unlimited meat must be ordered per table.
  5. Prices are subject to 5% Service Charge
Leann's Tea House
105-R Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City | 89176356   84118902

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