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DH spotted the newly opened Shinjuku Home Of Authentic Ramen while driving along Ortigas Ave. Instead of having our lunch in a random restaurant inside the mall, we ended up eating there. DH is usually dedma and he hardly gets excited but when he saw his favorite ramen place, I can see that he really wanted to eat there or maybe he was just really hungry and was afraid of the heavy traffic going to the mall. 

Back in the day, we used to drive all the way to Makati just to have a taste of its Butakakuni. Now, we have it here, right in our turf. 

We thought that the restaurant was closed because there were plenty of parking spots available. We soon found out that most people were still on vacation due to long weekend
. Anyway, we were seated on the right side by the wall. The waitress took our orders- 1 large Butakakuni, 1 large Tendon and 1 large Gyoza. DH was looking forward to his large bowl of Butakakuni, he was so hungry. 

It took several follow up and 30 minutes later, our orders arrived. DH was already dizzy from hunger... no kidding! Good thing I was able to capture a few shots of our food. He gets hangry when I do that ; p

Shoyu based soup, vegetable and tasty tender pork in special thick sauce
  • Regular Php 430/4 pieces
  • Large Php 540/ 6 pieces

I asked two waiters if the bowl of Butakakuni served to us was large, I got affirmative answers. If my memory serves me right, large order was used to be in a large bowl. The only difference now was in the meat- six slices of pork for large and four for regular order. You can also ask for extra soup if you are sharing. I find the soup of Butakakuni a tad too sweet but that's just me. DH never complained, maybe he was just too hungry. I don't know because I didn't dare ask. 

Rice topped with vegetable and shrimps tempura with sauce
  • Regula Php 290/2 pieces
  • Large Php 395/3 pieces 

My daughter was able to eat all three shrimps minus the tail because I eat that part. I know some moms are like me who eats all the tira-tira so as not to waste food. Save money!

Ground Pork and vegetables with special sauce
  • Regular Php 195/4 pieces
  • Large Php 290/6 pieces

I didn't order anything because I just eat whatever that can be shared among the three of us like  gyoza. There's six pieces in one large order so there's enough for the three of us. 

I was supposed to take a photo of the three of us but we were all hangry by the time our orders were served on our table ; ( Anyway, serving time needs improvement, other than that, I don't see a problem going back to Shinjuku Home Of Authentic Ramen,

Shinjuku Home of Authentic Ramen San Juan
ETON Square Ortigas | 8405-4832   8998-2556

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