Seaking Fresh Frozen Seafood

We used to eat out a lot but ever since I discovered Seaking's Fresh Frozen Seafood products, cooking at home is now easier. Prepping time is shorter because the boneless bangus are ready to cook straight from the pack. It's so convenient.

Seaking Boneless Milkfish Bangus Marinated Hot has been a staple in my weekly menu. I challenge myself to cook more for my family because it's healthier and well, cost-efficient too.

It's good to know that Seaking company has its own processing plant with a 20-ton per day capapcity in Malabon City. Fish are now sourced from accredited fish farms in Pangasinan. These farms required to have a BFAR Certificate for Good Aquaculture Practices to ensure environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and food safety.

Seaking Bangus are carefully selected, deboned, vacuum sealed, and frozen for optimal freshness. It also offers premium cuts of fresh frozen boneless bangus in unseasoned variant.

Aside from bangus, Seaking has cream dory, squid, wild Alaskan keta salmon, and galunggong as part of its frozen fresh seafood roster of products.

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