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Ocean Pack | Outdoor Dry Backpack

My hubby bought 3 Ocean Pack bags for our family. We got one each. My daughter and I have the 5L while my hubby got the 10L.

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We brought it with us as carry on baggage when we went to Boracay and recently, in Bohol.

It can, surprisingly, pack a lot of stuff. Everything you put inside will be safe especially if you are going to the beach. You just fold the top part 3x and lock the bag. That's it! Even my daughter knows how to safely secure the items inside the bag. 

Yes, we were able to test it a couple of times. We always travel, just the three of us. There's usually nobody left behind when we swim to look or guard our stuff. 

My hubby thought of buying these bags so we can keep our belongings with us safely while we babad by the beach or swim by the pool. We usually carry things like hotel/room key, cellular phone and wallet or small amount of money inside the 5L bag. It keeps your belongings safe and dry inside!

The bag floats so it is easy to spot its location. You can sling it over your your shoulder so you won't lose it or carry it like a back pack. Carry it with you anywhere. It makes a great travel bag. 

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Available in different colors. 5 and 10 Liters are in the video.

Also available in 2L for as low as 76 pesos!

Collect all stackable vouchers- 10 pesos store wide and free shipping!

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