Luminarc Granity Tempered Drinking Glass

DH and I have been on the lookout for drinking glass since late last year. We even contemplated on buying a set while we were on a vacation in Toronto, Canada. We decided against it because all our luggage were already full. Plus, I don't want to risk breaking a glass.

Anyway, last Monday while shopping around The Landmark in Trinoma, DH spotted a newly displayed Luminarc tempered drinking glass. He thought it was classy and so he asked for my opinion since there were 2 sizes available. Hmmm... actually there are 4 sizes but the other 2 are way too small for us. We drink water like there is no tomorrow hahaha

Luminarc Granity Tempered Glass 46 cl (15 1/2 fl. oz.) PhP 99.75/glass and 65 cl (21 1/4 fl.oz.) PhP 129.75/glass

As usual, we could not compromise so we decided to buy both sizes. Each box contained 6 pieces. We will be using the bigger glasses so we will not be going back and forth to the water dispenser while on the dining table. The smaller ones will be set up if we have guests joining us for lunch or dinner.

Luminarc Granity Tempered Glass 46 cl (15 1/2 fl. oz.) cost PhP 598.50 for a box of 6 while 65 cl (21 1/4 fl.oz.) cost PhP 778.50 for a box of 6.

the glass is super thick that it looks like a magnifying glass when viewed from top

Luminarc is a French brand but these glasses where made in United Arab Emirates. Let's see how long these glasses will last in our home.

(left to right) Anchor Hocking USA Sure Guard $1/glass and CircleWare Yorkshire Mason Jar 414 ml  (4 pieces) $10.99 + taxes

We used to use Anchor Hocking USA Sure Guard glasses. There's only 2 left out of the 12 glasses that we bought from a store in Canada. We used this for as long as I can remember and I can't forget the price because it was on sale for only $1 plus tax. I think we bought all the glasses that were on the shelf. I am planning to use the last two glasses when I go back to work in our office.

Sure Guard™ Guarantee: Anchor Hocking guarantees its entire foodservice line against chipping. If the rim of a tumbler or the foot or rim of a piece of stemware chips in NORMAL use, Anchor Hocking will replace the item or refund the purchase price when returned to the dealer or distributor from whom it was purchased. Naturally, this guarantee does not cover breakage.

CircleWare Yorkshire Mason Jar was a steal at $10.99 for a box of four. I bought it in Bed bath & Beyond Canada when we visited last year. I begged DH to buy it for me because I want my photo with drink to look cool on Instagram lol I saw a lot of people posting their drink in a Mason Jar.I am quite happy with it but it looks odd when placed on our dining table lol I guess it is not sophisticated enough lol

Anyway, thanks for being patient as I continue to improve my site!

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