Art's Cream Gallery in Robinsons Magnolia

Art's Cream Gallery Gelato and Cafe
2nd Level Robinsons Magnolia

There are a lot of kiosks in Robinsons Magnolia that I haven't explored, one of them is Art's Cream Gallery Gelato and Cafe. It is located in the same floor as Beantology

Art's Cream Gallery

My mom loves coffee while my dad loves ice cream. Art's Cream Gallery is perfect for them because it serves both coffee and gelato (Italian word for ice cream)  as the staff called it.

Brewed Coffee (decaf) 8 oz. PhP 80 and Mochaccino PhP 115

As usual dad and I shared the Mochaccino while my mom gets the cup of coffee for herself.

Brewed Coffee (decaf) 8 oz. PhP 80

Brewed Coffee is also available in 12 oz for PhP 80. If you are not a coffee drinker, there's hot tea (PhP 70/80) and hot chocolate (PhP 85/95) available.

dad and his 2-flavor cup gelato PhP 90

Art's Cream Gallery's gelato is made from 100% pure fresh milk. It is also made from natural ingredients, low in sugar and butterfat content. It is naturally rich in protein, calcium and vitamins.

Also available in Single Flavor cup for PhP 60 and Triple Flavor cup for PhP 130. 

Strawberry and Tiramisu

Dad ordered one from the Bestseller line which is Strawberry. The other flavor is Tiramisu which my mom really loved. Dad and I both have the same taste so we both liked the strawberry ; p

If you have a huge appetite for ice cream, you can order all 12 flavors available for PhP 450. There's also a Giant Belgian Cone available with single flavor ice cream for only PhP 100 and a waffle cone with 3 flavor ice cream for PhP 200.

dad and our Mochaccino PhP 115

Other cold coffee available are Iced Latte, Iced Cappuccino, Coffee Jelly and Caramel Chill. Price ranges from PhP 110 to PhP 130.

Mochaccino PhP 115

I want to try Art's Cream Gallery's Affogato next! There are four choices-Cookies & Cream, Black Forest, Rocky Road and Strawberry. Guess which flavor I want to try?
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