Breakfast at UCC Vienna Cafe Tomas Morato | Restaurant Review

I love Sundays! It's the only time that we get to go out as a family. #babyMartinez woke up extra early last Sunday as if she knew that we were going out for breakfast. There are only a few restaurants that are open for breakfast so we ended up in UCC Vienna Cafe along Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City.

#babyMartinez: Please order an omelette  for me, dad! ; p

The restaurant was packed with people but the waitress was able to give us a table on the second floor near the smoking section. Thank God, only one person went inside and clearly, the exhaust was working or we would have inhaled second hand smoke.

Breakfast Omelette PhP 329

Wilson ordered the Breakfast Omelette- bell pepper, mushroom and onion omelette topped with tomato sauce and bacon strips. I didn't see bacon strips, only button mushroom (as seen in the photo above). Maybe the chef in the kitchen got confused?

UCC House Blend Coffee

Each omelette ordered is served with Japanese salad, bread and your choice of drink- UCC Breakfast Coffee, Orange Juice or Hot Cocoa.

Other Omelette on the menu are Ham and Cheese, Spam and Cheese, Shitake Mushroom, and Mushroom Garlic & Cheese.

Filipino Breakfast Medley PhP 399

I ordered the Filipino Breakfast Medley- Beef Tapa, Chicken Longanisa and Pork Tocino with garlic rice, egg and Japanese salad on the side and a choice of UCC House Blend Coffee, Orange Juice or Hot Cocoa (photo below).

Tocino was awful (see photo above), I do not want to eat burned meat so I had it returned to the kitchen. Thankfully, the next batch was cooked just right. I liked the chicken longganisa while the beef tapa was hard to chew.

Hot Cocoa

I didn't know that the hot choco came with a whipped cream & chocolate syrup on top. Not that I am complaining, in fact, I liked it haha I just felt like my waistline has expanded right after drinking it lol

Tomorrow is Sunday, I am now thinking of where my family can eat next. Any suggestions?
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