Step by Step Tutorial: Set Up Custom Domain to Blogger

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a custom domain to Blogger/Blogspot Account. I have added a custom domain to my blogger account through Namecheap recently. It is for my future reference but I am also sharing it for other people who are interested to point their blogger/blogspot account to their very own domain name.

Let's begin...

Step 1: Register and buy a domain name from

Buying your own domain name is inexpensive, mine only costs a little less than $10 with coupon. You can find namecheap coupons here and here. These coupons are updated every month to give you discounts with your every purchase.

simply go to and register a domain

Step 2: Sign in to your Blogger Account---> Settings---> Basic

under Publishing look for Advanced Settings and click settings instruction

Step 3: Look for Advanced settings then fill in:

  • Your registered domain name, you must include WWW (ex. 
  • Tick "Redirect to"
  • The answer to Use a missing files host is NO

Then hit Save.

Error: We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.

Step 4: You will receive an "Error 12" which states We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain

This is normal as you have not updated your Domain Name System (DNS) settings with two CNAMEs. DO NOT PANIC.

Click the Settings Instructions (it will redirect you to another page "How do I use a custom domain name for my blog?")

Under the question "Where would you like to host your blog?"
Pick the first which says: On a top-level domain (

Keep tab on the two CNAMEs given:
                                                                              Host Name         IP Address/URL
1st CNAME is the same for everyone--->                 www    

2nd CNAME is unique to your own domain PLEASE DO NOT COPY MINE as this will result in error.

If by any chance, you lost the copy of your second CNAME, you can find it here.

Click on verification details of your domain, and then on the "details" link next to DNS CNAME record. That's it!

Step 5: Go back and sign in to your Namecheap account---> My Account---> Modify Domain---> All Host Records

Step 6:

Host Name             IP Address/URL                    Record Type                      TTL
    @                       URL Redirect                    1800
 www                     URL Redirect                    1800

Under SUB-DOMAIN SETTINGS, input the following:

"A" records to point your domain to Google's IPs:

Host Name             IP Address/URL                    Record Type                      TTL
 www                                CNAME (Alias)                  1800 <---1st CNAME
   @                   google-site-verification               TXT Record                      1800<--- 2nd CNAME
   @                                      A (Address)                       1800
   @                                      A (Address)                       1800
   @                                      A (Address)                       1800
   @                                      A (Address)                       1800
   @                      URL Redirect                       1800

Once you have typed everything in the sub-domain, hit SAVE. All information provided they are correct will automatically goon top of the Sub-domain settings.

Step 7: Go back to Blogger Account---> Settings---> Basic (Advanced setting)---> hit SAVE

Voila! You have now added a custom domain to your Blogger/Blogspot account ; ) You can thank me later ; p

Know more about creating CNAMEs for other domain registrars, view here.
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