Vikings SM Megamall | Restaurant Review

Buffets are everywhere! Just when I thought that there's already enough buffet in town, Vikings opened its 5th restaurant on the 4th Level in SM Megamall's newest wing called The Fashion Hall last March 14.

Vikings Fashion Hall SM Megamall

Guests without reservations on left while the counter on right, receives guests with reservation

My parents and I were there for lunch this morning.  It was a spur-of-the-moment decision and we don't have any reservation. At 11:30 am, We were already number 28 in line. 30 minutes later, our number was called... whew!

buffet station at the center of the restaurant

bar stool... yey!

I requested for a couch seat because #babyMartinez was with us. No matter how I pleaded, the receptionist and the area manager would not budge. Anyway, we were seated right next to...

Angus Chuck Eye Roll ; p

OMG!!! I love Angus beef! Vikings' beef was incomparable. I went back twice and had more than 2 slices to fill my hungry tummy. This Angus beef alone is worth the 30 minute wait ; )

Deep Fried Cajun Turkey

 That's my turkey on the chopping board lol The meat was tender and juicy!

Vikings Boneless Lechon

I heard a crackling sound of the skin.. yey! That's a good indication that I am getting my money's worth at this buffet restaurant.

Texas Beef Brisket

I love this section because even the beef brisket was sooo tender! I would have stayed in that section but dad said I was missing out on a lot of food items.

like this DIY Shabu-shabu

which has a cool pot placed at the center of our table

the cheese section

the bread section

Salad section

and more salad



Tapas Bar

DIY Mongolian BBQ

my very own Mongolian BBQ delivered at my table

you can even design your own pizza

if you are not creative enough there's always one already made

cute egg

more hors d'oeuvre

my mom had around 7 baked oysters ; ) She was grinning from ear to ear

Ebi Sushi

tuna and salmon sushi

fresh seafood

this section is for grilling only

salmon bone

oh, there's even a salmon head

care for a temaki?

dad and his dessert

my choice of dessert- green tea ice cream, avocado and leche flan

white chocolate and chocolate fondue

DIY halo-halo with its own crushed ice dispenser on the side


there's even mini donuts

fresh fruits

and more fresh fruits

San Mig for beer drinkers 18 years old and above

softdrinks, Milo slush, Nestea Iced tea, Sago't Gulaman, brewed coffee

different tea concoctions

There also Twining's tea bags available upon request. There's yogurt also but I was not able to spot the crepe section... boo hoo!

Hi y'all!

This must have been the entry that has the most number of photos lol Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post. I took over 150 photos today. I had to trim it down to half and these photos have passed the final judgement lol

Vikings Buffet Rates:

  • Weekday
        -Lunch 688
        -Dinner 888

  • Weekend 1088

*Prices are subject to 5% Service Charge

Vikings is located at the 4th Level, Mega Fashion Hall, Building D, SM Megamall 6563888   6564888 and 6565888. Like them on Facebook to get 20% discount until March 27, 2014 only!
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