Longchamp: How to Spot a Fake

Read this before proceeding...

This bag is owned by my sister. It was bought in Las Vegas, USA but Made in China. To see a Longchamp bag made in France, click here. These are photos of an original Longchamp bag. I am not claiming to be an expert. If you want to know if you bought a FAKE Longchamp bag, consult the boutique, capeesh? I DO NOT AUTHENTICATE. Let me reiterate that for your peace of mind, buy only from Longchamp boutique. 

Longchamp | Original / Authentic

bought in Longchamp Las Vegas

Here's the scenario... You bought a new bag from an online seller with your hard earned money. You are not sure if what you are holding is the real thing or a fake. Let me guide you to some tell-tale signs on how to spot a real deal Longchamp bag...


Longchamp receipt $125 plus tax

This type of Longchamp tote bag never goes on sale. If you bought it any cheaper than the converted rate, hmmm... you know the saying if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, right?!

Care Guide

care instructions
Le Pliage mark

LongChamp New Logo

new logo has mo line underneath the horse and the jockey

To see the old logo with lines underneath, view it here. Original handbags, when viewed at the back of the embossed jockey and horse has markings of the embossed figures.

Snap | Zipper Pull | Clear Plastic Disc | Bag Tag

Jockey, Longchamp and 1948 are present at the snap
logo on YKK zipper pull should be detailed

Longchamp only uses YKK zippers.

gold zipper pull
word "Longchamp" is above the stitch

The words "modele depose" has diacritical mark or diacritic or simply accent mark on top of the letter E.

word "ORIGINAL" is seen
clear plastic disc to reinforce snap
plastic disc is also found at the bottom of the bag
Longchamp bag tag

These tips are the result of my research online, compiled and posted to help buyers not to get fooled by unscrupulous seller.
I hope you learned a thing or two. Please visit and share:

How to spot a FAKE COACH | How to spot a FAKE FENDI

Longchamp bags are from France but some bags are already made in China like this one.To see and compare an original from a fake, visit my other post.

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